Turkey Waddle Relay Game
Supplies: Inflatable turkeys

Inflatable Turkey Relay GameWhat can be more fun than waiting for the turkey to cook on Thanksgiving? How about a Turkey Relay Race!

Yes, the Turkey Waddle is an embarrassing game that can be played by the whole family and will cause many fits of laughter. This game is perfect as a classroom, group or family activity.

First divide your group into teams. You’ll need one inflatable turkey per team. Set a starting line and an object that the teams must walk to and then return to the starting line.

Playing Turkey Waddle
The first member of the team steps to the start line and places the inflatable turkey between their legs. Then they must waddle with the turkey between their legs to the object and return to the start line where they then give the turkey to the next player.

During the Turkey Waddle they must keep the turkey between their legs and can not touch it using their hands. If the turkey falls during their turn they must return to the start line and start over.

First team to have all the players complete the task successfully wins!

Note recommended for people with bad hips. (Seriously)

Variation – Individual Play
Not enough players for a relay?

Then create and obstacle course inside or out and time who can complete the obstacle course the fastest with the inflatable turkey between their legs.

Fastest time wins.

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