Printable Thanksgiving Taboo Game Cards

92 Thanksgiving Taboo cards that will render family and friends speechless.

This is the fun and entertaining Thanksgiving game that family and friends can play while the turkey cooks or after the Thanksgiving meal. Finally, your friends and family may be speechless as they try to find the words to get team members to guess the word or phrase on the card. But one wrong word could cost them and help the other team. Thanksgiving Taboo is a face paced, quick thinking game of fall and Thanksgiving words and phrases that is sure to entertain.

Printable Thanksgiving Taboo Game
Our Thanksgiving Taboo includes 92 game cards and 4 blank cards so you can add your own fall and Thanksgiving terms. These game cards tend to be 1 and 2 word combinations that families and friends will enjoy. Just purchase, the PDF file will be emailed to you, print, cut out cards and get ready to play. Adobe needed to print file.

Thanksgiving Taboo Game Cards
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This Thanksgiving word guessing game is perfect to play before Thanksgiving, while the turkey cooks and after you’ve finished your holiday meal. It’s light hearted fun that family and friends can enjoy.

Our Thanksgiving Taboo is inspired by Thanksgiving and Fall items and activities. There are a lot of terms about food, turkey and traditions that surround the holiday. The fall words and phrase help provide a mix and will stop everyone guessing turkey after one word.

We’ve got 92 different terms and blank cards so that you can add terms that relate to your family and Thanksgiving traditions to make the game special for your group.

There are several ways to play Thanksgiving Taboo.
a. Basic Taboo Rules
b. One Word – One Guess
Players can say one of the Taboo terms and the team is allowed one guess. 3 pts. – if the team gets it on the first guess, 2 pts. if on the second, 1 if on the third and if they don’t get it 0. Play until each player has gone 2 times or set a score goal of 25 or another amount.
c. Thanksgiving Speed Taboo
In this version each player gets one minute to get their team to guess as many cards as possible. Each correct card is worth a point. Each player gets one turn and once everyone goes you tally the points. If you play two rounds just make sure you have enough cards.

Thank you for considering Party Game Ideas Thanksgiving Taboo game, we hope you make it part of your Thanksgiving holiday.