The Year Was Family Reunion Game
Supplies: Paper and pen, knowledge of family events and year they occurred

Special events happen every year, marriage, trips, new members of the family and more. This is a diy game where you match the year with the family event.

So come up with events life, In what year did Uncle Joe get married to Aunt Michelle? When did cousin Steven break his leg snowboarding? This game involves coming up with activities in family members based on the year and seeing who can match up the answers.

Identify life moments, trips, adventures or interesting facts.
Where to start year born, graduation, marriage, start business, unique trip, started business, moved, home flooded by big storm, etc…
Note: Before the reunion send out and email asking (parents or one family member) for the unique items and the answers.

Then on a piece of paper create two columns:
One that lists the years and the other that lists the event / item.

Hand out and see who can correctly match up the year with the event. Once everyone is done answering the questions, then go over the answers and the person with the most correct wins.