Christmas Gift Stacking Relay

Supplies: Duplicate set of wrapped boxes, items inside the boxes (optional), stools / chairs

This classic balancing relay game makes for a fun Christmas party game or group activity. Kids and adults will enjoy this gift stacking game that involves speed and balance, plus with a variety of variations this holiday game can get more and more complex as guests race to get the presents home.

Christmas Gift Stacking Relay Game Prep
1. You’ll need a variety of boxes to wrap. They should be different sizes and a variety of shapes. You need 2 sets of gifts, one for each team. Box ideas – Shirt box, cereal boxes, cracker boxes, jello, oatmeal containers are great sine tall and round.
2. Step up stools and or obstacles depending on variation.


How to Play Christmas Gift Stacking Relay
These versions will get progressively harder.

1. Divide teams in two, Team A and B
2. Now split each team so half are at one end of the room and half at the other end. (Distance 15 – 20 feet.)
3. Stack 3 gifts on top of each other.

4. Teams are told that they must take the stack of gifts from one stool to the other stool with out dropping any gifts. Then the next person must pick up the gifts and take them back to the other stool. First team done wins.

Note if the gifts fall then the person must go back to their starting point and begin again.

– Easy version for small kids use empty boxes.
– A little trickier add chairs that players must weave around (obstacles)
– Harder version tell teams that they can only use one hand to carry the gifts (two when lifting off stool)
– More Difficult add items into the gifts – top box apple or orange!
– Even more difficult increase to 4 boxes, 5 or more.

Another Christmas Gift Stacking Relay Variation
In this version the first person starts the game with a 2 gift stack and races to their teammate, where they hand off the gift and add 1 more gift. Now the person must take 3 gifts to the other end, where the next person must take 4 gifts, etc…

This continues until the first team successfully carries a select amount of gifts from one end to the other without dropping the gifts!. You can decide if that number is 7, 8, 9, or 10 gifts.

If you don’t have enough gifts to have two team going at the same time, then have one team go one at a time and team that does the carries the most gifts successful before they drop any wins.
Thanks, Cody

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