Stuff Santa Game

Supplies: Sweatsuits (preferred red and green), red and green balloons

This game is great for young kids and they can put on their parents clothes over theirs.

Divide guest into two teams green and red. Then provide 1 sweatsuit or oversized shirt and sweatpants and an equal number of balloons to each team. If possible color coordinate the sweatsuit and balloons so they are all green and all red.

Each team picks one person to get into the “Santa suit” (sweatsuit / sweatshirt) and when the time starts, they try to stuff as many balloons into the sweatsuit as possible within the time limit without popping them.

The team that has the most balloons at the end of 3 minutes is the winner. The Stuffed Santa is quite a sight, so have your camera ready.

Thanks, Whitney T.

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