Printable Christmas Scavenger Hunt for Kids

50 Christmas Scavenger Hunt clue cards will allow you to create a unique, fun and exciting scavenger / treasure hunt game for kids to enjoy this holiday. Plus with our master clue sheet and blank clue cards you easily set it up and create custom clues too!

We have seen a variety of online Christmas Scavenger Hunt games and so are really nice. However some of the little extras that help make setting up your scavenger hunt and personalizing it were missing. So Party Game Ideas created one that allows you to create something unique just for your child or kids at a party.

Christmas Scavenger Hunt Game
• 50 Clues for inside and outside items.
• Most clues rhyme and are Christmas themed. Plus many have holiday images.
• Scavenger hunt clues range from stating the location/item, riddles, and finish the rhyming phrase.
• Master clue and tips sheet helps you plan and set up your Christmas Scavenger hunt.
• With 50 clues – You can run more than one hunt with minimal or no overlap.
• You control the length of the scavenger hunt 10, 15, 20 or more clues!

Printable Christmas Scavenger Hunt for Kids
This printable Christmas games includes 50 scavenger / treasure hunt clues, master clue sheet, blank clue page to add your own, helpful tips and instructions.

Christmas Scavenger Hunt for Kids and Holiday Parties 50 Printable Scavenger Hunt Clues
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Printable Scavenger Hunt includes:
50 Clue Cards for your Hunt.
Scavenger Hunt Key to organize, plan and remember where clues are.
Blank clue sheet, so you can add your own.
Christmas Scavenger Hunt rules, tips and instructions.

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Age Recommendation
7 – 12 with reading skills
*** Children 4 – 6 can participate, but an older child or an adult would/may need to read the holiday scavenger clues. Then the child or children can try to solve them.

Length of Christmas Scavenger Hunt
Scavenger Hunts tend to run 7 – 15 minutes, but the length depends on the number of clues, location of clues (spaced out around the house), and often the age of the participants. Younger kids tend to be a little slower and older kids very quick! Ways to increase the length of your Christmas treasure hunt; use vague clues (attic, where cars are, etc…), space the clues far apart, really hide the clues (fold up, tape onto, layer into items), and add clues where there are multiple locations in the house for the same item (tvs, chargers, chairs, bathroom…,).

Christmas Scavenger Hunt for Kids Notes & Comments
• Here is the list of items and places we have clues for. We include extra items and even 2 variations of the shoe clues, because everyone’s family and home is different and this mix gives a good variety of common household items, unique Christmas items and places around the home where you can hide clues.
Christmas Scavenger Hunt Clues Hiding Spots Inside Outside Christmas Items

• We don’t set the order of your game you do!
We found that quite a few Christmas Scavenger Hunts / Treasure Hunts have a preset order. Then the question came up, what if you don’t have a specific item in the house and the kids get confused that a number is missing or now you have a much shorter holiday hunt. Well we decided to add a circle to each clue, because this would allow each parent or party host to determine the order of the clues based on their home and its contents.

• Helpful Christmas Scavenger Hunt Key
Our scavenger hunt key is great for planning your kid’s game. You can quickly review all the game clues and mark the ones you are interested in and the add any custom clues ideas you might have. Then you can start to plan how the kids will move around the house while on their scavenger hunt. You’ll find these sheet to be extremely valuable if you have to create more than one Christmas scavenger hunt and you need to remember where all the clues are! 

Printable Christmas Scavenger Hunt Master Sheet and Blank treasure Hunt Cards for Kids

• Our Blank Clue Sheet Helps You Customize Your Event
With our blank clue sheets you can easily write a clue for the grandma’s peppermint bark, an adult in a Holiday elf costume, or a unique area or item in your home that helps you and your family ring in the holidays. Each blank Chirstmas scavenger hunt clue card has a themed holiday border and blends in with the rest of the clues, so you can add one or several clues to the game. FYI – We found these to be really helpful in larger families. 🙂

•  Single Player or Group Scavenger Hunts
For many parents, they create a Christmas Scavenger Hunts for each child on or before Christmas. This is a fun way to get kids excited about holiday events and give them treats and/or related gifts. Our printable game will help you create a great treasure hunt that they will enjoy.

If you are planning to do a Christmas Scavenger Hunt at a party or event here are some ideas.
a. If you are doing a party and having kids go one at a time. Tape down the clues (so they are not removed) and make them relatively easy to find also, remember to keep the clue items in the family areas of the house rather than personalized bedrooms and bathrooms.
– If just for fun stagger the release of the kids and let them go one at a time. If possible have more than one Scavenger Hunt path so that kids don’t have to wait a minute or two to start. Then at the end of the scavenger hunt each child games a prize.
– If you want individual competing against each other then, you need to time each player on the run and between runs make sure no clues are missing. In this case the fastest scavenger hunt time wins. (This is often a lot of work and if you have more than 6-8 guests competing it can tire the host out. We would avoid this.)
– If you have more than one group or child using that same area for a clue, consider color coding the clues and placing a piece of red, green or another color on the clue (like a border) and then let the kids or groups know what color clues are for them. This way you can have different scavenger hunt paths and everyone will stay on the correct one.

b. Kids doing the Christmas scavenger hunt in a group. Our first thought is keep the group small 2- 4 kids. Also remind them to take turns reading the clues and letting different team members try to find the clues. If you have several groups consider creating some some scavenger hunt path variations.

Tip – Our favorite way to do this is to use a person as a location towards the end of the hunt. This can be done by having the first 8-10 scavenger hunt locations be the same for each team, then there is a custom clue (that you create) that says Go to the Elf, Santa, or Party Host (person at event in a very specific costume or dress) for your next clue. Once the teams arrive each is given a different clue for the last few locations before the find their Christmas surprise.

While you can do scavenger hunts as a competitive times game, we suggest you just have fun with it and not be concerned with kids running, falling or breaking things in the house.

Printable Christmas Scavenger Hunt Fun for Kids

We’ve put together a fun mix of scavenger hunt clues that should make for an engaging adventure. Have fun hiding your clues, setting up some festive locations with holiday decorations and having fun watching the kids have a great time taking on the your scavenger hunt challenge.

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