Mitten Munch Relay 
Supplies: Several pairs of mittens, Hershey’s kisses

Need an entertaining game, where you can just sit back and watch kids struggle? Well Mitten Munch Relay maybe just be the game for you.

Mitten Munch Relay Prep and Play
1. Divide the group into 2, 3 or 4 teams

2. Line them up at one end of the room and place a set of mittens and Hershey’s kisses across the room.

3. When the game host say’s go the first kids from each team must run down to where the mittens and kisses are and put on the mittens and then take a kiss unwrap it eat it, take the mittens off and run back to their team, tag the next team member and then they do the same thing.

4. The relay race continues until all team members have finished the task and all are back to the starting point. If the teams are not even in number then the first person must go twice so that the numbers are even. First team done wins.