It has been a few years since women had a lot of fresh Halloween costume options, but this year Wonder Woman, Stranger Things, Belle from Beauty and the Beast and other tv, music and movie influences are providing creative ideas for everyone.

One concern is the Wonder Woman will dominate Halloween just like she dominated the box office during the summer, and in many ways that is perfectly fine. We have provided you with some top selling women’s costumes, some classics, others odd and just costumes that look like fun.

Prices are subject to change without notice, Party Game Ideas, showcases Halloween costumes from various Halloween shops and the actual price will be on their web site.

What was interesting when we were going through hundreds of Halloween costumes, were the amount of sexy costumes verse just regular women’s costumes and it turns out that over half are made to be sexy for women. We don’t know if that is because those are the costumes that sell for Halloween or if that is the image the costume companies want to push.

Now that I am a little older and choose not to wear form fitting / revealing costumes, I just want fun and interesting costumes and sorry I don’t want to be a crayon, avocado or a slice of pizza. We try to feature a variety of women’s Halloween costume ideas from spooky to funny to odd just so you can see what is out there. he local Halloween store has the basic costumes and we try to focus on the ones that you won’t see in the store. Thanks for looking at our woman’s Halloween costumes.

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