Frosty’s Musical March – Musical Chairs Type Game
Supplies: White circles large enough to stand on or paper to mark a spot to stand beside that represent snowballs (one per guest), 1 red circle (represents hot spot), music player

This is a musical chairs type game, that uses elements of a snowman and the idea of melting. We recommend playing the song Frosty the Snowman while playing.

Place the all the Snowballs in a circle or around a table. There should be 1 snowball per child, there should be one less white snowball then there are players and then the last snowball / spot is the red snowball / hot spot. Have each child remove their shoes (keeps snowball from getting dirty) and select a snowball.

When the music starts they march around the circle moving from snowball to snowball. When the music stops the kids need to stop marching and stay on the snowball they are standing on.

If they are on a white snowball they are safe! If they are on the red snowball / hotspot, it is to warm and they melt away and are out of the game. This is always fun as the kids act out melting.
Now remove one of the white snowballs and start the music back up and repeat the process until you are down to two people. (You should have one white snowball and one red snowball)

Once you have two people play the music and when it stops the person on the white snowball wins and the person on the red snowball is out.
Thanks Jessica – Fort Collins, CO

Parent Feedback: Frosty’s Musical March Issues and Improvements 
I liked the idea of this game, however I discovered during play that the kids were ripping the snowballs as they played. (Construction paper is not very strong. I also discovered that kids really need to march around something open space didn’t work well for us. Last the kids on white snowballs didn’t want to move, so we cahnged things a bit.

So we made a few changes:
1. One we used a table to walk around and placed the Snowballs on the table.
2. Instead of a Red Hot Spot – Number the Snowballs and place the cut outs of snowballs (6 inches across) around the table.
3. When the music stops kids then put thier hand on one of the snowballs. (One per child)
4. Then randomly select a number from a hat and that is the Hot Spot – That snowball and child there isout of the game.
5. Finally give someone the chance to lead Frosty’s March each turn.
– You need a broom, kitchen spoon or something kids will have fun marching with.
– After a player is eliminated from the game, then select another number and this person gets to lead Frosty’s Musical march until the music stops again. This makes it more fun for the kids and encourages them to march.

Marie – Titusville, FL

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