Reindeer Red Nosed Relay
Supplies: Vaseline, red circles to act as Rudolph’s nose, silly kids

This is silly nose to nose transfer game, while this is a fun idea, if colds are going around at the time of your party you may want to skip this party game.

Rudolph’s Red Nosed Relay Game Prep
1. Set up a Start Line and a Second Line about 10 – 12 feet away.
2. Cut out a red circle from construction paper. You’ll need one per team.
3. And just before you play you need to dab Vaseline on their nose

rudrendeerHow to Play Rudolph Red Nosed Relay – How to Play
1. Divide your guests into teams
2. Place half of each team at the Start line and the other half at the Second line
3. Tell them they will be playing Rudolph’s Relay where they must wear Rudolph’s nose and walk from the Start line to the Second line and then transfer Rudolph’s nose to the next player and then the next player must walk, wearing Rudolph’s nose, from the Second line back to the Start line.

Many of the kids are going to look perplexed and may even ask, “How are we going to wear the nose?”

That is when you spring it on them that you are going to wear Rudolph’s Nose on your nose! Now your likely to hear; How? And now you can share your secret, “By placing Vaseline on your nose.”

The first player will place Rudolph’s Nose on their nose and walk down to the other line without having Rudolph’s nose fall off. If the nose falls off then they must return the Start line (or the line where they started) place the nose back on and start again.

Once they successfully get from one line to the other they must transfer Rudolph’s Nose onto the next player without using their hands!

Once Rudolph’s Nose is transferred then the next player moves towards the next line. (Start or Second).

Rudolph’s Relay game continues until all team members have properly completed the task. First Team done Wins.

Important Rules to Note
If Rudolph’s Nose falls off the player that lost Rudolph’s Nose needs to pick it up, head back to the line where they started and place Rudolph’s Nose on their again.

Also if a player uses their hand to keep Rudolph’s Nose during the game they need to head back to their starting point and begin again. (Basically no hands accept for picking up a Nose if it falls on the floor.

Have spare Rudolph Nose’s just in case a few fall on the floor and get to dirty to use.

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