Valentine Bullseye Games
Supplies: Cardboard or poster-board, craft supplies to draw and make paper arrows, blindfold

These two target games are pretty simple and pull from other party games.

1. Cupid’s Arrow Bullseye Game
This game is played like Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

Prep work includes making a large (poster board size) heart painted into a bullseye shape with a small heart in the center, creating paper arrows about 2-3 inches long (large enough to write children’s names on one side), have tape or doubled sided tape to place on the back side of the arrow. Last you will need a blindfold(s) / mask so that the players can not see the board when playing the game. (Blacked out/ covered sunglasses can work if needed, just test prior to playing.)

How to Play Cupid’s Arrow Bullseye Game
a. Place the Heart Bullseye on a wall or door.
b. 4-5 feet in front the Bullseye target mark a spot where each child will stand when it is their turn.
c. At the start of a turn the child comes to the spot in front of the Heart Bullseye, has or is handed their arrow, and then they are blindfolded.
d. After the blindfolding, they are spun around 3 times, are faced towards the Bullseye target, and are told to slowly move forward to the board.
e. When they get within arms reach (about 1 foot), tell them to stop and without feeling around the board, put their arm out and place their arrow as close to the center heart as possible.
f. Once the complete the task their turn is over, the blindfold is removed and the next player is called.
g. Once everyone has gone, the player with the arrow closest to the center heart (or the center part of the board) wins. FYI – You can have 1 winner or top three – It is your choice.

2. Valentine Bullseye Toss Game
This is an easy Valentine target game that can be quickly set up and played in classroom, Valentine’s parties or kids group events. The skill need for this game is relatively low and if there is a concern about everyone receiving a prize you can play this until they land a candy on the target.

Valentine Bullseye Toss Game Prep
Valentine's Heart Target Gamea. Create the target – Take a 2 foot by 2 foot piece of cardboard/posterboard and draw a heart outline. Then draw 2 or more smaller hearts inside the large heart (like a target circles? Color in the heart target. Once you have all the circles drawn label point values for the each area of the target. The area outside the heart has a value of zero, the next ring has a value of 1, the next inner heart 2 points and the center of the target has the highest value, in this example it is 3.

You can add more hearts if you wish and change the point values as needed.

b. Set a toss line. This should 5 – 10 feet away from the heart and the older the kids are the more distance there should be between the target heart and the toss line.

c. Decide whether to play as individuals as teams. If playing for Valentine’s candy individual play works best. Team play works for older kids and makes it more competitive.

How to Play Heart Toss Target Game
a. Explain the rules – Each player will be given 3 Hershey’s Kisses and they will toss them at the Heart target.
b. They want their kiss’s to land in the highest value heart (in this example 3), but earn points or candy by landing on any heart. If a kiss does not land on a heart, no points are awarded.
c. Let them know if total points equal candy (so 4 points = 4 pieces of candy) or if the person or players with the highest score gets the candy or prizes. If you play highest score, you may need to play several target rounds to get a winner as players may have the tie scores.
d. After each throw clear the heart target of candy and the next player takes a turn.
e. Once the rules are reviewed, start play, record scores if needed, award prizes and have fun.