Card Game Holiday Gift Grab
Supplies: Gifts, 2 decks of cards

This game can played having each person bring a gift (set budget) or if a children’s Christmas Party have a gift for each child (Dollar store gifts and maybe one or two cool gifts).

The idea is to have 2 different decks of cards. Then place the gifts in a central location and have everyone gather around in a circle and count how many people are in your group / participating. FYI – Remember sometimes a couple will bring two gifts other times they bring one. Basically in this game 1 card per gift.

Round 1
Pass out one card to each person in the gift exchange, so if 15 people use 15 cards, now have a second deck of cards so the host has the exact same cards.

Then the host pulls a card from the pile and that person selects a present from the pile. Then the next card is pulled and that person can then select a present from the pile or steal another persons present. This continues until all the presents have been taken from the pile. This ends round 1.

Round 2
Pass out the cards again, one card to each person.

Now from your other pile of cards flip over the first card, the owner of that card can now choose to keep their gift or trade their gift with another participant. This way everyone always has a gift. This continues until the last card is revealed. And then the game is over.

Want to make it more exciting
Randomly note one or two cards with a star or selecting before handing them out and call these Keeper Cards. Keeper cards mean that the gift you select is yours to keep and no one else can steal it. This cards could be randomly selected or you could say the keeper card is the 9th card selected. (Just make sure everyone knows this special card or cards exist so they don’t think they were taken advntage of.) Another surprise could be a bonus gift fun added fun. It give be tied in with the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd card picked and just be an extra fun gift. Change it up as you want, just make sure you have fun.
Thanks, Shirley