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Halloween Paty Games - Page 1
Pass the Pumpkin, Build a Scarecrow, Ghost Hunter, Guess the Ghost, Story Game...
Halloween Party Games - Page 2
Kids Games: Pumpkin Bowling, Mummy Wrap, Halloween Corners, Spooky Walk, Cluck Hunt
Halloween Party Games - Page 3
Halloween Fun for Adults, Scavenger Hunts, Decoration Idea and Ice Breaker
Halloween Party Games - Page 4
Guess games, Pumpkin Relay, Spider Webs, Who Am I, Apple Pass, Trick or Treat...
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Pass The Pumpkins

Have kids sit in a circle and pass small pumpkins or gourds when the music is playing. When the music stops the child without a pumpkin is out continue until there's a winner.

Build A Scarecrow
Form groups and have a variety of old clothes, pillowcases for heads, markers and newspaper. Groups have 20 minutes to create. Give prizes to the scariest or funniest, then place outside.

Build A Scarecrow Game - #2
Divide your back yard into two sections by yellow tape (maybe 2 rooms or a basement if inside). Before your party, get together 2 sets of 6-10 items that can be used to build a scarecrow. Sample items: Hat, corn stalks, jeans, string... Now hide these items in order to make a scarecrow around each half (one side for each team). For small children you may want to play this game during the day and to make the game harder play it at night. When playing at night send out team member with a pumpkin with a pumpkin light or a candle inside), have one person from each team (starting at same time) go on a hunt to find one item. After all items are found, the team has to be creative and construct a scarecrow, using all items. The team that finishes their scarecrow first, wins.
Thanks Lisa

Ghost Hunter

Game for teams:
Get lollipops, ribbon, paper, tissue paper, and select 5-10 Halloween terms. You may want a styrofoam base to stick the ghosts into during the game.

Divide party guest into Ghost Hunting teams of 3-5 kids per team, the number per team may be based the ages of the kids.

Each team is given clues to find ghosts that can be hidden outside or inside. Note: Don't place all the ghosts together or the kids will grab the first ghost they see rather than find the ghost you want them. Also, tell them not to untie the ghosts until after the game is over. So send them off to different areas. You'll want 1 ghost per guest or a specified number per team, but have extras so each child gets a ghost.

Each ghost is a lollipop covered with tissue paper, tied with ribbon with a letter written on the ghost. Use a marker a add eyes and a mouth to the ghosts.

Send the kids with clues off to find ghosts. If young children have an adult go with them for safety and to assist if they don't understand the clues. Example Clues: I live near the large tree in the backyard or At night I come out from under Mr. Wilson's favorite chair. Fun, increase difficult with age.

Each team will return with 3-5 ghosts with letters. The corresponding letters will spell or help spell a mystery word that relates to Halloween. See the 2 versions below:

Young kids: Use words where all the letters are given: bat, witch, cat, hat, broom, ghoul etc... One team at a time, take the letters and mix them up. The Ghost Hunting team whose ghosts are being used get the first try to guess the mystery word. If they guess the word correctly they get a point, if they miss the word the other teams have a chance to get a point. Have them raise their hand if they know the answer, 1 guess per team. If no team guesses the word, then a simple clue is given and the process is repeated until the word is guessed. If there is a tie have a tie-breaker mystery word that is a little harder. Offer a small prize for the winners.

A little harder: In this version the letters on the ghosts only give clues to the mystery Halloween word. Word Examples: pumpkin, headless, horseman, haunted, goblins, Sleepy Hollow, etc... Arrange the letters in correct order leaving spaces for missing letters. The Ghost Hunting team whose ghosts are being used get the first try to guess the mystery word. If they guess the word correctly they get a point, if they miss the word the other teams have a chance to get a point. Have them raise their hand if they know the answer, 1 guess per team. If no team guesses the word, then a simple clue is given and the process is repeated until the word is guessed. Again have a tie-breaker word just in case and offer a prize for the victors.

Deja Blair Witch - Halloween Party
Friends with video cameras? Invite friends to create a scary or humorous 5 minute film in the style of Blair Witch, then have a Halloween Film Festival and play the tapes. Ideas could be: A bathroom with no toilet paper, In a mall with no credit cards, Halloween is here and I don't have a costume, have an idea? - So get going

For Halloween Party Ideas, Costumes and more

Halloween Candy Hunt
Like an Easter egg hunt: Buy plastic eggs and paint them in halloween colors. put candy in them. then hide them. The prize can be the candy inside or some of the eggs can contain notification of winning a small prize or party favor.

The Halloween Story Game
Each year we have a huge Halloween party for our kids, one year, we sent the beginning of a ghoulish story in with the invitation and the party guests had to finish the story. We read all the endings at the party and then voted on for the best, weirdest, and scariest. I still have the ones the kids did and love to reread them at Halloween. Even though its been 20 years. Hope this will help others out there have a spooky Halloween.
Thanks - Judy - Vernon, NY

The Hanging Tree -
Supplies - 13 Apples (12 red and one green) you will need extras, String, Blindfold, and a tree branch. Tie each of the apples to a tree so they can swing freely. To keep observant kids from memorizing where the green apple is just loosely tie the strings together.

How to Play - Take a child and tell them to close their eyes and make a wish. As they do you blindfold them. Once blindfolded you spin them around and say this rhyme with them.

13 Apples hanging from a tree,
12 dark red and one bright green
blindfolded, spun around, and then set free
Is that green one meant for me?

You then release the apples and point the child in the right direction. They then will stumble about and pick an apple. If they get the green one their wish will come true! Before the next child goes, replace the apple and move the green one. (I am planning on letting each kid keep the apple they pick). If you want you can place a tag with a number on each apple, then each number will correspond to small gift or prize. Thanks - Krag Halloween

Guess The Ghost - Great for Young Children

Have one child leave the room. Then take a large sheet and have a different (child) stand and hide under the sheet. Mix up the remaining children in the room and then allow the child who left the room to come back inside. That child has to guess who's the ghost, by process of elimination they need to figure out which child is hiding under the sheet. Then that "Ghost" goes out of the room and a different child becomes the new ghost, mix up the remaining children and repeat until all of the children have had a turn being the ghost.

To Young For Carving - Try This
Have children make paper mache pumpkins out of newspaper and balloons. After the paper mache has dried pop the balloon and have them paint the paper mache pumpkins orange and draw faces on them and then give prizes out for funniest, scariest, etc. etc... Thanks - Jenny in Indiana
Other Options:
- Use real pumpkins and have the kids draw or paint the pumpkins
- Use gourds and use Mr. Potato Head eyes, lips, and noses to decorate

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