Trick or Treat Game – Silly Activity Game for Kids

Supplies: Craft skills, a few treats, list of funny / silly things to do, background music

This is a fun little game to get your Halloween party started and get the kids a having fun.

Cut out paper pumpkins, you can use a pumpkin-shaped cookie cutter if you have it. You’ll need one pumpkin for each guest and maybe two or three extra just in case some extra people show up. Note it is important to try and make these the same size.

Decision: Trick verse Treat Ratio
Determine how many Tricks you want per Trick. We suggest for every four pumpkins you have 2 Tricks and 2 Treats. That way there are enough Tricks to keep kids interested and enough Tricks to have a good laugh. Adjust the ratio of Tricks to Treats if needed.

On the Trick Pumpkins write a silly thing to do or act out like:
Walk like a spider
Cackle like a witch
Flap your wings like a bat
Share your Scariest Face
Yell Boo! as loud as you can
Walk like Frankenstein and so on.

Your Treat prizes should be a fun candy pack or a unique prize.

Once you have the Tricks written and the Treats ready, put all the pumpkins in a plastic witch kettle and one at a time have each child draw one out. If they get the treat pumpkin then let them choose or award them a prize. If they get the trick they have to do what it says on the card. Option: Once they complete the task they get piece of Halloween candy.

Thanks, Deanna

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