Born in 1981 Birthday Trivia Game

20 Questions about growing up in the 1980s & 1990s! Our Born in 1981 Times of Your Life Trivia party games will have the birthday guy or gal reliving the year they were born, childhood and teen memories. A great way to celebrate a birthday and get people talking, laughing and sharing.

Born in 1981 Times of Your Life Trivia includes 20 trivia questions that include facts about the year they were born, Saturday morning cartoons, breakfast cereals, movies, toys, music and events that happened from 1981 – 2001.

Printable Born in 1981 Times of Your Life Trivia
Includes 20 Born in 1981 Trivia Questions in 2 sizes. Full 8.5 x 11 page, and 2 per page. Just purchase and the file link will be emailed to you.

Born in 1981 Birthday Trivia Party Games

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Our Born in 1981 Birthday Trivia game is a great way to celebrate those who were born in 1981. This game should take 12-15 minutes to play, but the conversations surrounding the questions will likely last beyond the game.

Unlike other birthday trivia games we found online, we made this game about things that happened while growing up. Other 1981 birthday party games focused on what happened just in the year the person was born. Well to be honest, we didn’t remember anything about the year we was born but remembered our favorites songs on the radio, tv shows, cartoons, popular toys and big events while growing up. And we think you’ll enjoy this game too.

This birthday trivia party game is like a time machine, and touch on a lot of different aspects of growing up in the 80s and 90s. Everyone will have fun, sharing stories, commenting on favorite things, and enjoying the Times of Your Life!

Estimated Length of Games:
Born in 1981 Times of Your Life Trivia game tends to run about 15 minutes.

This trivia birthday game is fun and engaging for family, friends and office birthday celebrations. But what if you want more birthday games?

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This a fun mix of three printable games that allow for a mix of entertaining birthday games. All games focus on the birthday guy or gal in fun and interactive ways. So if you want more than one game check out our Born in 1981 Birthday Party Pack today.

Born in 1981 Times of Your Life  Trivia Facts
Print on white or colored paper. We kept the design simple so you can use white or any colored paper to print out the games. This way you can decide whether to add color to your birthday party games. Keep in mind, bright colors work best.

Trivia game comes in 2 sizes. Regular size, 8×11, and sheets that allow for 2 games per page.

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