Entertaining 1971 Younger, Same Age or Older Birthday Game

Guess whether the 18 celebrities and items are Older, Younger or the Same Age as the Birthday guy or gal in this printable birthday games. Our Younger or Older party game for those born in 1971 offers fun facts and surprising answers as guests discover which items and celebrities are older, younger or are the same age as the birthday honoree.

Born in 1971 Younger, Same Age or Older features 18 different people and things that are mostly within 5 – 10 years of 1971. Most would think that this is easy, but it is actually a quite challenging game. (And it hard to remember when you get older!). So grab your friends and family and enjoy playing Younger, Same Age, or Older Birthday party game.

Printable 1971 Younger, Same Age or Older Game
Includes 18 Born in 1971 Younger, Same Age, or Older items in 2 sizes. Full 8.5 x 11 page, and 2 per page. Just purchase and the file link will be emailed to you.

1971 Younger or Older Birthday Party Game Printable Silly Fun Game

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18 Items that are Younger, Same Age or Older than the Birthday Honoree
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Our Born in 1971 Younger, Same Age & Older Birthday game makes turning older a little more fun and interesting. We include celebrities, toys, food, electronics and various items that mostly came out within 5 – 10 years of 1971. This printable game is more about the discovery, laughter and a little bit of chiding those friends and loved ones who are getting older.

Yes, it is always fun to win, but it is more interesting to see who thinks the birthday guy or gal or older than dirt! In almost every game we have played, someone circles older on the dirt question, and it is normally one of the kids. This birthday game is perfect for small and large groups and often results in  smiles, laughter and quite a few “oh my, I didn’t know that was so long ago,” statements. It is perfect for the all ages and is easy to play.

Our Younger or Older birthday game is like a time machine that takes everyone back in time to try and remember things that happened decades ago. For many adults, it won’t seem that long ago, but for those under 20 these items are ancient, retro, or unknown. But that is okay, because they just need to choose whether the item is Younger, Same Age or Older!

Estimated Length of Game:
Born in 1971 Younger, Same Age, or Older printable game runs about 12-15 minutes.

The Younger or Older is a fun party game and engaging for family, friends and office birthday celebrations. But what if you want more games for your event?

Well Party Game Ideas offers a Born in 1971 Birthday Games Pack that offers you this activity plus two other party games at a great price! Printable Born in 1971 Birthday Party Games and Trivia

This a fun mix of three printable games that allow for an entertaining birthday party. All of the games focus on the birthday guy or gal in fun and interactive ways. So if you want more than just one game for your event, check out our Born in 1971 Birthday Party Pack today.

Born in 1971 Younger or Older Notes
Print on white or colored paper. We kept the design simple so you can use white or any colored paper to print out your games. Younger, Same Age or Older looks best on white paper, but can be printed on colored paper. This way you can decide whether to add color to your birthday party games. Keep in mind, bright colors work best.

Your printable game comes in 2 sizes. Regular size, 8.5 x 11, sheets and a pdf that allows for 2 games per page (5.5 x 8.5).

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