Dirty Dice Christmas Gift Grab Game
Supplies: Gifts, dice, timer

Dirty Dice gift exchange game / gift grab has been around for years and some versions had some guests getting more than one gift while others get none. Well, Party Game Ideas has reviewed the game once and come up with some Dirty Dice Christmas Gift Grab games. So just choose the one that works best for your holiday party.

Dirty Dice Gift Grab – Get the Loot Kids Game
1. The host provides a variety of Holiday candy / gifts / favors. Check out a variety of party favors / prizes at Amazon or a party store and getting a variety of candy and then a few premium items that kids would want to steal. You only want a few of the premium items, so kids want to grab the gift. Have 2-3 items (if small) per person, so for 10 kids it would be about 20 – 30 items.
2. Place the candy and gifts in the center of the group, use a bowl if needed. Items can be wrapped or unwrapped.
3. Once everyone is seated, give two dice to the first person and they roll the dice. If you have a large group of 10 people or more add one pair of dice for each 10 people. If they roll doubles of any number they can Grab a Gift from the pile and if they roll anything other then a double then the dice get passed to the person on their left.
4. Guests roll the dice, grab gifts and pass the dice, this continues until all the gifts have been taken.
Game Option: Rather than roll to pick a gift just distribute gifts evenly among guests and then start the game play.
Note: Some players may have 4 gifts, others 2 and others 1. If the gifts are wrapped, have players unwrap their gifts once the gift is selected.

5. Now it gets dirty! A timer is set for 10 or 15 minutes and the dice keep going around the room to each person.  Now if someone rolls a double they can steal an prize / gift  from anyone OR claim an gift as safe.
6. Players who steal gifts, have to hope that the dice get back around to them and they roll another doubles so they can claim the gift as safe. (A gift that can not be taken.)
7. Play continues until the timer goes off. Now if everyone has gifts, the safe gifts and gifts in front of them is theirs and the game is over. If however, one or more players don’t have gifts. Then those players who don’t have gifts get to roll and once they roll doubles they can steal a gift. Once the last each player has at least one gift the game ends.

Dirty Dice Gift Grab - Gift ExchangeDirty Dice Gift Grab – Version 1

1. Everyone brings a wrapped gift and it is placed on the gift pile.

2. Once everyone is seated, the first person is given dice to roll and if they roll a double, they select a gift from the pile and if they don’t the dice get passed to the left.

3. The rolling and selection of gifts from the pile continues until each person has a gift. Note: Once a player has a gift they no longer roll the dice. Dice rolls are only for those who still need gifts.

4. Once all players have a gift. Everyone unwraps their gift at the same time.

5. Now Things Get Dirty with Gift Steals! But there is a way to keep a gift.

6. The last person to get the last gift gets to roll the dice first. If they roll a double they have two options: a. Steal anyone’s gift that is still in the game (they trade their gift for the gift they want) OR b. Claim their gift.

How the Claiming Gift Process:
If the person has the gift in their possession, they can Claim it as theirs. They can lay claim by placing a bow on their gift, so others now it is claimed. Just know you cannot steal a gift and claim a gift in the same round.

7. The game ends when the next to last person has a claimed gift and rolls a double to make it theirs, then the last person left in the game gets the gift that they have.

Please note this version can take a while to play but it does make the game very dirty and frustrating as the gift stealing of claimed gifts seems endless. If nothing has really happened in 10 minutes and no one has a safe gift, then eliminate the extra double to make your gift safe, move to a round where you can steal and make your gift safe.

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Dirty Dice Gift Grab – Version 2 – Double 6’s

Step 1: Have everyone bring their wrapped gift for the gift exchange.

Step 2: Set a Timer for 12 or 15 minutes and start the gift exchange by rolling the dice.

Step 3: Once everyone is seated, randomly select a player to roll the dirty dice first.
Any Doubles Means you can trade / steal any available gifts. Once a gift is stolen if is unwrapped.
Double 6’s means you can STEAL & CHOOSE to KEEP to GIFT! (Gift can be unwrapped before deciding on whether to keep it.)
Once a turn is up, the dice are passed to the left for the next player to take their turn.

Step 4: Continue playing the game until the buzzer goes off. Once the buzzer sounds, the last turn is finished and each person gets to keep the gift that they currently have.

Options if a player or players still have their original gift.
Single player – The single player and all players with available gifts get one more roll. The player with their own gift rolls and if doubles they get to trade if no doubles then the dice go around the circle to let all other players one last chance to roll double 6’s and stealing and claiming a gift. If no one rolls double sixes before the dice get back to the player with their own gift, then that player is allowed to exchange gifts with anyone that has an available gift.

If 2 or more players have their own gifts, then only the players with their own gifts continue to play the game. If two players, then those players trade gifts and if three or more players have their own gifts then have a player roll a die and then pass the gifts the number of times as the number on the die.