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Thanksgiving Games and Activities for School, Kids and Family
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Thanksgiving Games

A small but growing list of Thanksgiving games and activities for schools, groups and family. These can keep the kids busy and the printable games can be taken in the car to keep active minds occupied.

Please enjoy these games and if you have new game ideas, please feel free to send me an email and I will add them to the list.

Turkey Waddle

Supplies: Inflatable turkey and people to play

Looking for something silly and fun to do in your classroom, with a youth group or just to keep the kids busy? Well the Turkey Waddle might be just the weird holiday game that solves that problem and provides everyone with lots of laughter.
Game details and instructions
A Party Game Ideas Game by Sarah

Bird, Beast, or Fish

Supplies: Quick thinking

You have to think fast for this game. Everyone sits facing the leader. The leader points to one of the players and says either "BIRD," "BEAST," or "FISH." The chosen player must come up with the name of an animal that fits the category before the leader counts to ten. No repeating! If the player does not respond in time, she is out. The game continues until only one player remains. As you can guess, after a few rounds it can be hard to think of an animal that has not already been mentioned!

Thanksgiving Memory Game

Supplies: Good memory and knowledge of food

The players sit in a circle. The first player starts by saying, "At Thanksgiving dinner I ate turkey." The next player must repeat this and add another dish, "At my Thanksgiving dinner I ate turkey and cranberry." The third player must repeat it and add yet another dish, "At Thanksgiving dinner I ate turkey, cranberry, and stuffing." The game continues with each player adding an item to the menu after first listing all the previous items in the exact order they were first said. If a player makes a mistake he drops out and the game continues until there is just one person left.

Thanksgiving Trivia

Supplies: Research Thanksgiving trivia, paper and pens

Here is one that the whole family can enjoy after the big Thanksgiving meal. In a piece of paper write down several questions regarding the history behind Thanksgiving and 4 possible answers, but only one is correct. For example, one of the questions could be: - From the following foods which one was not likely to be at the pilgrims table? a) Corn b) Potatos c)Yams d) Beans Answer is b, potatoes

And whoever guesses the most answers from the quiz gets a box of chocolates or any other prize. Of course whoever is preparing the game has to do a little bit of research, but you can find the info easily on the net or the library. Thanks Ruth

Printable Thanksgiving Games

Supplies: Printable games, printer, paper

These printable Thanksgiving games will keep games entertained and stump the adults too! Games range from word finds to Thanksgiving Bingo, trivia and more. Value Packs allow you to save and get games for all the upcoming holidays too!
View more Printable Thanksgiving games and Printable Football Games

Family Reunion - Get To Know You Game

Supplies: Paper and pen, stories

Who traveled to Europe or met Miley Cyrus or won an art competition? Well find out as you share stories about yourself and lern about your family members.
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Amy

Family Photographer Game

Supplies: Cameras, pen and paper, time

Challenge your kids to take photos with relatives and friends in a fun interesting way. Several variations that make this game more fun while providing everyone with lasting memories.
Game details, instructions and variations
A Party Game Ideas Original by Sarah 2008

Thanksgiving Box of Questions Game

Supplies: Pre-packaged game - Thanksgiving Box of Questions

Looking for a game to connect with loved ones and friends during Thanksgiving? This Thanksgiving Box of Questions will help you exchange ideas, share and laugh during this years Thanksgiving.
Game available for purchase online

The Year Was Family Reunion Game

Supplies: Paper and pen, knowledge of family events and year they occurred

How well do you and family members remember when things occured? Well The Year Was is a game where you match family events with the correct year. Afterwards share stories about the event.
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Sarah

Family Trivia

Supplies: Printable family game

The family is all together and it's getting crowded! See how many family members you can name given clues...just who is your cousin's mother anyway? A fun pen and paper game.
Printable family game - Purchase, print and play

Be Thankful Everyday Game

Supplies: Advanced planning, construction paper, craft supplies, paint, creativity and planning

This game takes planning and participation but in the end you will learn what everyone is thankful for and learn about each other.
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Al

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