Superhero Party Ideas – Spiderman, Superman, Batman

Kids love superheroes and whether it is Batman, Spiderman, Superman, Wonder Woman, or Iron Man, a Superhero party theme is sure to be a blast. In many cases just decorating in the theme and showing one of the movies is enough to make your party a success however we have come up with some games and activities that should make your party a success.

Suprhero Party Decorations
Bats, dark room and cave like environment, pictures of Batman’s arch enemies, the Bat Phone and the Bat Signal

Spiders, spiderwebs, have strings hanging from the ceiling, have photos / headlines about Spiderman, a camera representing his day job and arch enemies

Giant S for Superman, x-ray vision glasses so you can see like Superman, have a Superman costume hanging on the wall, have Clark Kent’s glasses and reporters notebook, city skyline, photo’s of Superman and a headlines from The Daily Planet

For other Superheroes like Iron Man, The Hulk or others it is important find out about the character and if possible pull in little elements that are identified to the Superhero. So if you did a party with Wonder Woman you would want to include her bullet protecting gold bracelets.

Games and Activities
Superhero Trivia
One fun activity is seeing just how well kid’s know the secret identities of there favorite Superheroes. Create a sheet of Super hero names and their regular names (12- 15) and then see if guests can match them up correctly.

Superhero Who Am I?
Instead of using animals or people use Superheroes to play this fun question and answer game. Just adapt difficulty to age group.
Need instructions then adapt the – Who Am I? Game

Guess My Secret Power
Play like charades, each child pulls out a secret power from the bowl and must act it out until it is guessed. Then that child takes a turn. You can also play in teams, that way every child gets a chance to act out a secret power. (Flying, x-ray vision…)

The games and activities fit one party but can be adapted to other Superhero parties as well.

Batman Games

Find the Bats
Take paper bats and hide them around a room. Have all the bats be the same except for one that is a special bat and wins a prize. Another version of this is to number the bats and then hide them. Once the kids have search and found the bats, randomly pull numbers out of a hat to win prizes. The person who has that numbered bat wins a prize.

Bat Toss Activity
Teach the kids to throw a boomerang. Then give each child a chance to through it and see it their bat comes back.

Spiderman Games

Spidey Training
Practice Spiderman skills that can be turned into climbing or obstacle course race items at a park or playground.
Cling to Walls / Swings on Web – Climbing activity, cross the monkey bars
Balance – Walk on a beam or board
Speed – Run through the obstacle course, climbing a slide and going down it
Web Shooter – Tossing an item in a bucket from a distance or use a water hose to knock an item down (target)

Put this together as a fun Spidey activity
Have kids climb up the slide and go down it, throw an item into a bucket, walk over the sand pit on a board, then climb and cross the monkey bars and then run back to the starting line.

Pin the Spider on the Web
Played like Pin the Tail on the Donkey, use paper or plastic spiders and create a spider web on cardboard or paper.

Superman Games

Pass the Kryptonite
Play hot potato but with a green glow stick or toy kryptonite.

Superman Help Us Relay
Kids race to dress like Clark Kent, until they hear Superman Help Us! Then they must transform into Superman and complete a task before the next player gets to go.

Find the Kryptonite
This scavenger hunt game challenges the kids to find clues and save Superman by finding and getting rid of the Kryptonite. This game is a little more fun if once the Kryptonite is discovered and safely hidden away or destroyed if Superman shows up at the party!