Curious George – Monkey Birthday Party Ideas

Curious George has been entertaining children and adults for 60 years through books, a movie and a PBS television series. This cute little monkey is never far from getting into trouble because he is so curious about everything. This is a great theme for boys and girls of all ages and can be tied into fun and learning.

Curious George Party Decorations
Party supplies, streamers, balloons tied around bananas, inflatable monkey, jungle decorations, jungle hat, etc…
If your child has a favorite Curious George book or books incorporate those elements into the decorations.

Games and Activities
Base Your Activities on Being Curious and Learning New Things

Book Curious George and the Pizza
– Make pizza and have them add a variety of toppings.

Curious George and the Rocket
– Read the book and then go launch rockets. (Outdoor water rockets)

Curious George Flies a Kite
– Make kites or if windy go fly some.

Curious George Goes to an Ice Cream Shop
– After reading the book, let the kids add their own toppings to ice cream

Curious George gets a Medal
– In this book Curious George lets all the animals escape so play the animal version of Who Am I? or Animal Escape inspired by the book, where the animals are roaming around the neighborhood.

Curious George Goes Fishing
Then play the Gone Fishing game.

Read the Birthday Surprise book for more ideas.
Plus other Curious George books are about visiting or seeing new things, so relate your Birthday Party into a chance to visit a museum, learn about the ocean or dress up like you are in the circus!