Princess Party Ideas and Themes

For girls, Princess Parties have become more popular than ever since Disney started grouping all the Princesses together. The good news is that little girls have a great time at these Princess Parties and there are a lot of activities and games you can play.

Parents / Hosts dress as the Fairy God Mother, Princess, King or Prince

Games and Activities

1. Play Who Am I? using Princess’s instead of Animals
This can be so cute to watch as the kids try really hard not to say who they are.

2. Make a your own Princess Wand
I have seen kits online or you can make them out of cardboard and decorate with glitter. (Great if outside!)

3. Decorate the Princesses Chair
This can be a game or just an activity. Select chairs and provide bed sheets and accessories like ribbon bows etc… Divide the children into groups and have them select a sheet to cover the chair and then decorate it with ribbons and bows. After they are done, take photos of each girl in the Princesses chair!

4 . Princess Dress Up 
Purchase or borrow Princess Dresses and have each girl dress up as a Princess and take her photograph. make sure you have the Princess accessories to complete the look.

5. Create Cinderellas Dress
Do you have budding designers. Well go to the fabric store and purchase various dress materials that can be draped and tied with ribbon to create a dress. Now divide the group into 3 or 4 children and just like in Cinderella have other children must help the selected child get ready for the ball. Tip: Vary the fabric.

Note: This could be a competition, but the groups are made small so that everyone gets a turn.

6. Find the Princess’s Slipper
Hide the Princess’s slipper in a room and then have your guests search to find it.
You have the option to hide only one slipper or hide one per child but make one the glass slipper.

7. Find Your Prince – Random Musical Chairs Game
Take the idea of the Spooky Walk game and adapt using images of Prince’s

Other Princess Party options
Have a Special Princess Tea with fine tea cups and finger sandwiches
Movies: Adventure – Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, etc