Wizard / Harry Potter Party Ideas and Themes

Parties with a Wizard or Harry Potter theme remain popular even though the book series has ended. However the idea of learning magic and casting spells is still fun for kids and adults and that is what makes Wizard and Harry Potter parties so much fun. Plus, you can always include a movie to top off your party.

Party Decorations
A Mystical Castle, maybe Hogwarts
Wands, capes, wizards hats, smoke machine or use dry ice for bubbling beverages
If a Harry Potter party then include Hogwarts 4 Houses (Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, Slytherin), broomsticks, sign that points to Hogsmeade, Sorting Hat

Games and Activities

Make Your Own Wizard Hat
Take construction paper, cut out a circle pattern and then cut out a about a fourth of the circle, (from the edge to the center) this will allow you to make a cone hat. If the kids are young then pre-cut the hats, have stars and ribbon / trim that can be used to decorate the hats.

Mixology 101
Take different colored Kool-aids and have the kids mix potions. Come up with creative names and potion powers and have each kid make their drink of choice. Try to have drink combinations that make fun colors. Red and blue = purple. Yellow and blue = green.

Want to add a little fun to the mix – get a packet of Airborne Cold Formula and break the tablet into several pieces ¼ or less of a tablet and then have the kids (without knowing what it is) add it to the drink. It will fizz just like a potion and it is healthy.

Harry Potter Who Am I?
Instead of using animals use harry Potter character to play this fun question and answer game. Just adapt difficulty to age group.
Need instructions – Who Am I? Game

Have a Hogsmeade Shop
Have gummi worms, chocolate toads and of course Barry Bott’s flavored Jelly Beans!

Have a Wizard Hunt
Go on a scavenger or wizard hunt to find a lost wand or an important Harry Potter items like the Sorcerer’s Stone. While on the hunt have them face challenges like aiming at a target and hitting it to find a clue, playing a game, unscrambling words, etc…

At the end of the hunt have the item and a prize and then relax and watch a movie or play more games outside.

Learn Magic Tricks
Get a magic set and divide the kids up into groups and have them learn a few trips each then has each group present the magic tricks they learned.