DIY Halloween Wordplay Costumes 

Invited to a Halloween party and just don’t have the time, money, or want to dress-up and buy an expensive costumes. Well these Wordplay Halloween Costumes are pretty easy to put together and won’t break the bank.

Halloween Wordplay Costumes

Cereal Killer
Supplies: Get mini cereal boxes, plastic knives, Jason mask, play knife

This one does take some prep time, but you get to eat the cereal. Get mini cereal boxes, remove cereal & glue plastic knives into boxes (like stabbing the box) add fake blood for effect. Once dry, staple or glue boxes to sweatshirt, wear Jason mask and carry plastic knife.

Chick Magnet
Supplies: Make or buy baby chicks, magnets, tshirt, glue gun

Take baby chicks and attach them to shirt. Go a step further and glue magnets to chicks and to tshirt and wear a thin shirt like silk. Then you are truely a chick magnet. Watch out as women will steal the chicks!

Smart Pants
Supplies: Smarties candies, safety pins

Wear regular clothes, attach Smarties wrapped candies with safety pins to pants and you can be a “Smartie Pants”

Chicken Cordon Bleu
Supplies: All blue clothing, chicken, rope

Wear all blue clothing (it can be as simple as jeans and a tee shirt), then tie the chicken around your neck with authentic clothesline cord. There you go: chicken cord-on-blue.

Black Eyed P’s
Supplies: White t-shirt, black marker, black face paint

get a white shirt and with paint or a permanent marker make a giant P on your shirt then with take either black eyeliner or black face paint and make a circle around one of your eyes and fill it in then you are a Black-eyed Pea or get a group together and your the Blackeyed Peas!

Static Cling
Supplies: Various clothes, pins

Pin socks, underwear, bras, etc., to your clothes and dress up as the dreaded “static cling.”

Law Suit
Supplies: Legal documents, pins

Print up fake legal documents, wear a suit and pin them to your suit. Now your a law-suit.

Quarter Back
Supplies: Cardboard, string, craft supplies, markers

Cut out a round circle and make it look like a quarter, now create a hole and slip string through so you can tie and wear like a necklace, put on and swing the quarter to the back. Quarterback

As we get closer to Halloween we will add more pun oriented Wordplay Halloween Costumes