Tips on How to Hire a Singing Telegram

Looking for unique way to say Happy Birthday, Anniversary, Get Well Soon, Congratulations or I Love You!, well Singing Telegrams can do that and more. Hiring a Singing Telegram from a singing telegram service is a great way to Surprise and Wow them. I did Singing Telegrams in college and was a Bear, Big Bird, Balloon Baboon, Monkey and even a Lion. So I think these tips on How to Hire a Singing Telegram should be helpful and make that person ou love feel extra special.

Basic Information: What is a Singing Telegram?
A Singing Telegram is a message sent to someone, where upon meeting the recipient the singing telegramist sings their message.

Common Singing Telegram Messages
Happy Birthday, Zippy Do Da, You Are My Sunshine
Custom Message or Unique Songs can be requested, but you may need to provide the information.

Who Delivers the Singing Telegram? 
Often the Singing Telegram comes as a well dressed man or woman, but the outfit often changes to match the theme of the message plus in many cases you can also select themed costume and impersonators to do singing telegrams. Singing telegram services not only deliver your message, they often deliver balloons, flowers or chocolates with your message. However once the song or message is sung and any gifts delivered the singing telegramist is on their way. So they tend to be a short event.

How to Hire Singing Telegrams

1. Know the Time & Place
Make sure of the time and place to send the Singing Telegramist also if this is planned for a hospital, school or nursing home. Make sure they allow Singing Telegrams, before booking one.

2. If Sending Them to a Public Place Plan To Be There or Have Someone To Help
If you are booking the Singing Telegram to go to an office, school, hospital or party try to be there for the event to help guide them to the correct room, share a photo of the recipient or lead them into a room so that they can find the right person and not scare or alarm the recipient.

3. Finding Your Singing Telegram Service & Singing Telegram Questions
Most Singing Telegrams are associated with card shops or flower stores where they have a group of people who perform the services. In larger metro areas there maybe be a talent agency that does this sort of thing. One of the easiest ways is to search for Singing Telegrams online, here are some Google results: Here are some possible Singing Telegrams for Hire

4. Questions to ask Singing Telegram Services
One you have found one or more Singing Telegrams in your are you need to call and ask a few questions:
– Price and What is Included
– How long have they been in business?
– Do they do background checks on the Singing Telegramists?
– Do they offer Costumed Characters? If yes who?
– Do they offer Celebrity Impersonators? If yes who?
– What extras do the offer? Flowers, Balloons, Cookies?
– What is the Cancellation Policy?

You may also want to visit their website to view services and check to see if they have and videos of services, costumes or themes. Now compare services and select a Singing Telegram Service and your delivery person.

5. For Children Selecting a Costumed Character or No-Costume
Now an important question: Costume Character or No Costume?
The reason I ask is that while sometimes kids will say I want Big Bird to come to my Birthday Party and when Big Bird arrives the kid is scared to death. This happened to me once and I felt so bad, the boy just never expected Big Bird to drop by his house with balloons and singing.

Sometimes a neutral character is better, but if he does well with themed characters and Santa then you should be safe.

6. Giving the Singing Telegram Proper Instructions
Make sure you give them the proper address and time of the event.
If this is at a hospital, school, hotel, etc… just make sure they know where to go, who to ask for and what to expect. I remember heading into lunchroom cafeterias and know that without a proper guide I would never have found the Birthday Boy or Girl.

7. Call and Confirm Your Singing Telegram
If you have booked the Singing Telegram more than 5 days out. We recommend that you call to confirm the day before the event.

8. Pets & Singing Telegrams
If you are sending a Singing Telegram to a home with pets (especially dogs) you need to make sure someone at the home knows you are coming so that the family pet does not attack your messenger. During my experiences I found they dogs are not to fond of Giant Birds, Bears and Monkeys showing up at the front door. So to make sure Fido or Kitty remains as part of the family make sure pets are properly behind closed doors for everyone safety.

9. Tipping a Singing Telegram
A singing telegram is a performance even though a short one, in many cases a good performance deserves a tip which can be $5, $10 or more. If you are sending it to a hospital and the recipient is ill, you can always add a tip as part of your purchase so that it is covered. I don’t have a fixed tip amount but 10 – 20% of the cost would seem about right.

10. After the Singing Telegram
Hiring a Singing Telegram to deliver a Birthday Greeting or Special Message is a fun way to share your thoughts and surprise that special someone. Many Singing telegram Services have been around for years and do a wonderful job. If however, you have a bad experience with a Singing Telegram be sure to contact the Service at your earliest convenience to have it addressed.