Who Gets Invited to the Bachelorette Party?
Proper Etiquette states that those invited to the wedding are invited to the Bachelorette Party. The Maid of Honor and the Bridal Party are in charge of setting up the Bachelorette Party for the Bachelorette.

Casual Bachelorette Parties / Girls Night Out
In the last decade amore casual style of Bachelorette party has emerged as the event has involved a larger group of friends for a Bachelorette / Girls Night Out event that can include Scavenger Hunts, Male Strippers, Learning to Pole Dance or going to the Spa for an afternoon.

These events are more casual and can include co-workers and casual friends as they have one last Girl’s Night Out with the Bachelorette. At this type of Bachelorette party some guests may not be invited to the wedding.

Being invited to the Bachelorette Party but not the wedding can sometimes cause hard feelings by guests, who might feel hurt that they were not invited to the wedding and by the Bachelorette who might feel guilty that she way not able to invite them. Be sure to ask the Bachelorette whether she is comfortable with inviting guests who are not attending the wedding before extending any invites.