Family Memory Match
Supplies: Family photos (2 of each photo) all the same size, clean space to lay them out

When I heard about this game I thought, this is great for family reunions or any family holiday gathering. You can use it to teach kids cousins and other relatives names or use to share memories of past events. We played it once using each years Christmas photo, it was fun because you could see how our family and kids grew over the years.

Family Memory Game Preparation
For a Family Reunion ask each family in attendance to send an individual photo of each family member, family or group photo or a several photos of them having fun. I recommend you get digital photos from them so you can make sure all the photos are the same size when you print them out. When we have played, we create a standard size in using template like 2 x 3 inches and then pull in the photos to create the cards. Then insert the sized images into a document so we can print them out. You may also include in memory photos and pictures of family member that could not attend.

Now gather up the photos and have 2 prints made of each photo. You can also print out doubles from the printer. Card stock or colored paper can work best, that way you can’t see the image through the paper. (note all photos / images should be the same size.)

How to Play Family Memory Match
Once you have all the photos carefully mix them up and randomly lay them out in a grid with the photo side face down. If you are playing on a table be sure to clean it first and then begin play, this way no crumbs or sticky stuff will get on the photos. If you have 24 photos do 6 columns across and 4 rows down.

With more photos the grid gets even larger and the game more fun. For young kids you may want to cap the pairs at 6 – 8 so that you can also help teach the child the names of family members and relatives.

Once the photos are all set the first player flips over a photo and then flips over a second photo trying to find the matching photo.

– If the second photo matches the first photo – then remove the pair from the board and try to match another pair.
– If the second photo does not match the first photo then both photos are turned back over and the next player takes a turn.

This can be played by individuals and by teams.

As pairs of photos get pulled from the board find matches gets a little easier.

Once all the photos have been paired up, each team counts how many pairs they have and the highest numbers wins. You can also play several rounds and have the first person or team to 50 pairs wins.

Note: I have found that this game is great before the reunion to help teach names of cousins and relatives. After each flip you can ask who is that? And then provide the answer.

Also it is great to play this game at the reunion and ask everyone to bring a vacation photo as the photos will help people connect and share interesting stories.