Baby Shower Elimination Game
Supplies: Pen, paper and a list of common things

Need someone to help the game host, assist the mom to be during the shower, or just want a simple game with a random winner? Then Baby Shower Elimination is the easy game based on personal attributes and what people are wearing.

Baby Shower Elimination Game Prep & Play
a. On a sheet of paper create a list of 20 – 30 common traits and items. (You can type them up and then print them out.)

b. Trait and Items
Blue eyes
Brown eyes
Green eyes
Wearing (Red, White, Brown, Blue, Floral, etc…) Dress
Wearing (Black, Pink, Brown, Blue, etc…) Pants, Shorts or Blouse
If your cell phone is in your hand
If you are wearing diamond earrings, etc…
If your sunglasses are still on

c. Print out your sheet and cut out the traits and items. There should be one trait or item per slip of paper. Now fold up the slips of paper and toss into a hat or basket. That completes your game prep.

d. Game Play: Have everyone in the room stand up and let them know you are going to play a quick game.

Inform them that they are going to play the Baby Shower Elimination Game and that the game host will be selecting random items out of the hat and if that item matches something a guest is wearing or a personal trait like blue eyes then that person is asked to sit down.

e. The last person standing wins a prize, but can also be asked to help during the shower.

In case there is a tie (the last two people sit down at once), ask those players to stand again and draw another item from the hat until there is one winner.