Easter Bunny Tail Game
Supplies: Tape, paper towels or bows or strips of cloth

This game is played the same as Cat Tails, but you’ll want to make modifications for Easter.

Easter Bunny Tail Game Prep
1. Create the bunny tail, this can be a strip of white cloth about 20 – 24 inches long (it gets folded in half and tuck in the back of the pants), a large bow or a paper towel scrunched up and taped on the pants. FYI – The taped on bunny tail may fall off while running, so we prefer using cloth.

2. They rabbit tail is always stuck on the back side, where a tail would be for a bunny.

How to Play Easter Bunny Tail
1. Once all the players have their bunny tails, share the rules of the game.

2. When the game host says go, players race around trying to pull the bunny tails of other players off without loosing theirs. Once players lose their bunny tail that player is out of the game.

3. Play until just one player is left with a bunny tail and they are the winner.

Easter Bunny Tail Variation

Team Play
Divide your group into teams and use different colored bunny tails. Play the same way as single player but as teams.