Who Am I? Dinner Party Game
Supplies: Theme, people or titles, index cards, pen

If your guests are up for a challenge, enjoy doing silly things, then this dinner party / game night game might be a fun option to get your night started.

Who Am I? Game Prep & Play
a. First you’ll new to identify a theme, a broad category or no category from which to base your Who Am I? game around. Consider famous artists, bands, composers, tv shows or movies.

More ideas:
Arts – Artist, composers, Broadway plays & musicals, and something along those lines.
Music – Bands, number one songs, lead singers, instruments
Culture – TV shows, types of music, famous people, famous people in history, movies and so on.

b. You’ll need to come up with at least one, Who Am I? word or item per guest. We recommend 2-3 extra Who Am I? cards.

c. Once you have all of your Who Am I? ideas, write down each idea on a 3×5 index card.

d. Once your guests arrive, let everyone know you are going to play a game. Have all the players face the same direction and then tape the Who Am I? game card to their back. If the host is going to play as well, ask a friend to write up one or two cards on the topic and that person then places a card on the host’s back.

e. Let guess know there is a person, place, thing, etc… on their back and they make ask other guests Yes / No questions to determine who or what they are. Sample questions Am I a woman? Am I alive? Do I play music? Etc…

Note: Guests can only ask each person one question at a time. They can not ask a person back to back questions. This encourages mingling and socializing.

f. The game is meant to be a fun challenge. You can play that the first person to identify who they are wins or you can play until everyone figures out who they are.

Who Am I – Single Player Variation
Play in 20 Questions style. Instead of taping a card to someones back. All the guests but the player guessing Who am I? can see the card then the player starts asking questions.

The game host records how many questions the player asks until they think they know who or what they are. If the player guesses correctly. Tally up the total of questions used and record that number.

If they guess wrong, an additional point is added to their question total and they continue asking more questions. Once they finally guess Who They Are, add up the questions asked and incorrect guess and tally their score.

At the end of the game, the person who used the fewest questions Wins.

Out of the Box Game
This Hedbanz No Limits is kind of like the single player variation.

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