When Should You Throw the Baby Shower?

It is always tricky to decide when to throw the Baby Shower for the expectant mom, however we offer easy guidelines and tips for handling season issues and twins / multiple birth showers.

Finding the Right Date for the Baby Shower
Most baby showers occur between the 30 week and 36 week of pregnancy.
Another way to state this is have the baby shower one to two months before the new mom is due.

This allows most pregnant Mom’s to be comfortable during the baby shower and gives them time to make any returns or exchanges just in case they receive multiple gifts of the same item.

However there are times where you may need to have the baby shower earlier or later.

If the Mom to be needs to travel out of state for a baby shower hold the shower 3 to 3 and a half months prior to the expected delivery date. This will ensure that Mom is safe to travel and can enjoy the experience.

If the Mom is expecting twins, triplets or more babies, plan to have the baby shower around the half way point or at least by the 6 month mark. This way Mom can relax and be ready for the delivery day instead of worrying about a shower.

Holidays & Family Gatherings
Sometimes holidays and family gatherings are the perfect time to get everyone together for a unique occasion and other times life is just way to hectic to plan another event.

For those Mom’s expecting around the holidays, check to see what works best for friends and family. In the end, you want a fun and well attended baby shower so plan ahead for success.