What Happens at a Baby Shower?
Supplies: Printable game, printer

With more and more guys being invited to shower and first time host wanting to do things right. We have been asked what happens at a baby shower and so we answered. While every baby shower is different and you can change things up here are the basic elements and activities that tend to happen at baby showers.

1. Greet guests and make introductions so everyone feels welcome.
– Consider a Get to know or ice breaker activity to assist in mingling.

2. Serve appetizers / light snacks and beverages to your guests. During this time the will socialize among themselves.

3. Have a social activity that can include topical discussions on the baby / new mom and/or baby shower games.

4. Now enjoy a meal or main appetizers and allow guests to mingle more.

5. Once the meal if complete, you can serve coffee / tea and desert as the Mom-to-be begins to open the gifts.
– If you are play games like Gift Bingo during gift opening, then have desert and beverages after the gifts are open.
– Have someone offers to record who gave what gift and provide the list to the Mom to be after all the gifts are open.

6. Once the gifts are open, there is more socializing.
– Note: Games and activities are normally not held after the gifts have been opened, unless it is a random winner or final raffle / random winner game.

7. Guests often receive a Baby Shower Favor just before the end of the shower as a thank you for coming.