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Party Games for Children 3 to 6, Fun Birthday Games and Activities just for Young Children.
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Kid Birthday Party Ideas and Games for 3, 4, 5, and 6 yr. old Birthday Parties. These games are simple and fun for young children and can be played at a Birthday Party, Play Date or just as an afternoon activity with friends.

Birthday Games for
Kids 3 and Up!

Party Games for Children 3 to 6

So many party games exist but so few are right for young children. We have selected a group of Birthday party games and activities that would be just right for the 3 to 6, maybe 7 years old crowd. These children's party games require no reading, no complex instructions; just simple skills for fun birthday party games, carnival events and family gatherings any time of year. Most of these children's party games are diy but we have also included fun ready to play party games like rings toss and target games at the bottom of the page.
Kids Party Games

Kid's Games, Birthday Party Games

Kids Games Complete List - 70 Kids Games & Activities
Action Kids Party Games - Races, Bingo, Charades, Relays, more
More Action Party Games - Treasure hunts, clothes games, food games, knots, more
Children's Party Games 3 - 6 - These games are best for young children
Word, Memory, Brain Teaser Games - These games will challenge them
Outdoor Party Games - Fun games that get them out of the house
Balloon Party Games - Stuff, Burst or Blast - These all involve balloons
Printable Kids Party Games, Ready to Play Birthday Games
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Children's Birthday Party Games for kids 3 to 6 years old, party game links and activities include name, supplies and how to play. For more detail on birthday party games, instructions, variations and printable games just click on the party game link.

Gone Fishin

Supplies: Fishing pole, sheet, clothes pin, small prizes

All kids want to land the big fish! This children’s game combines the fun of fishing with the surprise of a gift. Young kids 3 – 6 are likely to enjoy this game.
Game details and instructions

Animal Escape, A Curious George Themed Game

Supplies: Animal print outs or words on paper, music

Inspired by Curious George wins a medal, this game is about learning about different animals that have escaped and helping them get home before dark.
Game details and instructions

Cat Tails Game

Supplies: Strips of cloth (cat tails) and kids with energy

If you get a kick out of watching a dog chase it’s tail, then you will have fun watching 3 – 6 year olds running around trying to step on each others cat tails. And they can play again and again and again.
Game details and instructions

Sweet Ring Toss Game

Supplies: Three rings (at least 6 inches in diameter) -- these can be made out of cardboard or wooden craft rings, Individually-wrapped candy and/or novelty toys, plastic/vinyl table cloth or a bedsheet.

Lay out the sheet and spread candy and small gifts on it, one by one the children take turns tossing the rings to win the sweets! Adjust difficulty and prizes based on age.
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Michelle

What Animal Am I?

Supplies: Labels, animal print outs or words on paper, tape - Also Printable version

This game is a version of the Who Am I? game but uses animal rather than people. This game can easily be adapted for kids and adults. If working with children under the age of five use pictures rather than words. See printable version
Game details, instructions, variation and printable version for young children

Feed the Ducks Game

Supplies: Open space, paper, pen

This silly game is sure to have parents laugh as party guests waddle like a duck while trying to collect as many pieces of bread as possible. A fun outdoor party game that is geared to 5 - 7 yr olds and sure to inspire smiles.
Game details and instructions
Need a Birthday Present for the Party?

Round and Round Version of Musical Chairs

Supplies: Pieces of construction paper 1 per player, (all same color except one), music

This musical chairs adaptation replaces chairs with paper squares and offers variations for young kids so there is no pushing and shoving. Suggested 3 – 7 yrs. last game listed on this page.
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Chelsea

Stuffed Animal Find

Supplies: Stuffed animals, dark room

Small children often have a favorite stuffed animal so during sleepovers and gatherings invite them to bring their favorite. Then during the game they have to search through to pile to see how they can find it.
Game details and instructions

Needle in a Hay Stack

Supplies: Hay bales, large tarp, a few dollar bills – aluminum foil, wrapped candy like laffy taffy, outdoors – fyi this is a messy game.

The kids will enjoy this hunt for toys and prizes game that involve a hay bail and kids. Perfect for summer picnics and outdoor events.
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Cynthia

Hot Potato Game

Supplies: Hot Potato game or potato, timer

This classic game is perfect for Birthday Parties and kids events. Kids will have fun passing the potato until the music stops or the buzzer buzzes. DIY, store options and helpful tip to theme to your event..
Game details and instructions

Balloon Target Game

Supplies: Bulls Eye Target (3 feet by 3 feet), balloons and space

Create a target on the floor and have kids blow up those long skinny balloons. Now release the balloons and watch them fly… Everywhere! And sometimes they hit the target too!
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Amy

Cotton Ball Games

Supplies: Cotton balls and other item

7 different cotton ball games to choose from including, Shoveling Snow where you use your nose to move cotton balls into a bowl, cotton ball relay games, bowl and spoon games and more. Other various can be found in shower game sections.
Game details and instructions

Tire Roll Relay Race

Supplies: Inner tubes, large space, obstacles

Hosting a Cars, Cars 2 or Racing Birthday party then the Tire Roll Relay Race is the perfect game for kids as they roll the tire and try to keep control. Plus we have a few Tire Relay variations that include stacking and even changing the racecars tires.
Game details and instructions

The Star Game

Supplies: Glow in the dark stars, yard or outdoor area

Take glow in the dark stars and toss them in the yard. Then during the party tell a story about falling stars and tell the kids to go outside and see if they can find any. Find the most and win.
Game details and instructions
Thanks, LuAnne

Balloon Burst Game

Supplies: 2 -3 Balloons per child, Pieces of paper

Kids, balloons and prizes what is not to love. In this game kids get balloon to discover whether or not they have won a prize. Easy to adapt to your age group, recommended between 4 – 10.
Game details, instructions and vaariation
Thanks, Kendra P.

Relay Race Ideas

Supplies: Large open area, yard is best, start line, half way point marker, additional items vary by game

Young children sometimes trip over their own feet, so we came up with some simple Relay Race ideas that cover a basic, themed and challenge Realy Races for kids ages 3, 4, 5 and 6 years old. Simple, fun and enteraining.
Game details, instructions and vaariation

What's on Old MacDonald’s Farm?

Supplies: Printable game - purchase, print and play

Turn learning about farm animals into a game! Players might already know their farm animals - but will they know enough to match these animal names?
Printable Game details and instructions

Beanbag Toss Game

Supplies: Beanbags, boxes, craft items, adulst to assist

Kids take aim and toss beanbags at targets near and far. Color and decorate the targets to match your theme easy, fun and great for all occasions. Increase difficulty based on age.
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Jaryn A.

Speedway Racing Game

Supplies: Create a race track (outdoors or in large space), dice, craft supplies / boxes to create cars

Kids that love Cars, Racing and Nascar will enjoy a game that puts them in the race and the driver. Fun ideas to create your own racecars for the kids and several variations to the Racing party game so you can make it perfect for your birthday party.
Game details, instructions and variations
Thanks, Sarah

Animal Family Ties

Supplies: Printable game - purchase, print and play

Birds of a feather flock together...but what do you call the family? Humans keep their family together in a clan, ants in a colony - but can you match other animals to their family name?
Printable Game details and instructions

Birthday Picture Bingo

Supplies: Purchase printable Birthday Bingo

Take a classic like Bingo make the terms relate to the birthdays and what do you get. A good time of course! This printable game is may easy for young players. Children's Picture Birthday Bingo Game is fun for you to play along with your child.

Pin the Tail on the Donkey

Supplies: Printable game - purchase, print and play

The classic Pin the Tail game includes a Donkey torso and tails. So have fun spinning the kids around and seeing where they end up pinning the tail on the donkey.
Printable Game details and instructions

What Time is it Mr. Wolf?

Supplies: Start line, end line and a large space

A classic tag game with a little twist. Mr. Wolf calls out numbers but if he calls out to many then your safe, not enough he remains Mr. Wolf and if just right you'll be close enough to join him for lunch! Fun for monster themed parties.
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Georgia

Birthday Match Up

Supplies: Printable game - purchase, print and play

This simple game is the match up game using birthday party images. Children can play themselves or against other kids their age and enjoy matching up birthday cake and gift cards. A fun game to play anytime.
Printable Game details and instructions

Mystery Gift Pass

Supplies: Gift, box, wrapping paper and slips of paper

You pass the Gift and then the music stops and you have to unwrap a layer of wrapping paper. Do you have to answer a question? Hop on 1 foot? Or did you win a prize? This unpredictable game is fun for all ages.
Game details, instructions and printable variation
Thanks, Paul

Unwrap the Gift Game with Poem

This gift unwrapping game includes rhymes / clues that identify he gets the gift next. This rhyme / poem clues are geared for a children's birthday party or social event.
Game details, instructions and printable variation
Thanks - J Peers Mom

These Ready to Play Children's Party Games make for Fun Birthday Party Celebrations

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