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Party Games for Birthday and Kids Parties and Events. These game will keep them challenged and having FUN!
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Ready to host a Birthday Party, Team Events, Slumber Party and just having a bunch of your son or daughter's friends over and need fun games and activities that boys and girls will enjoy. Well you are in luck Party Game Ideas offers a lot of do it yourself type of children and kids games, as well as printable Mystery and Scavenger Hunt games. So depending on the time you have and the event you can find a variety of fun games and activities to keep them busy and entertained.
Kids Party Games

Kid's Games, Birthday Party Games

Kids Games Complete List - 70 Kids Games & Activities
Action Kids Party Games - Races, Bingo, Charades, Relays, more
More Action Party Games - Treasure hunts, clothes games, food games, knots, more
Children's Party Games 3 - 6 - These games are best for young children
Word, Memory, Brain Teaser Games - These games will challenge them
Outdoor Party Games - Fun games that get them out of the house
Balloon Party Games - Stuff, Burst or Blast - These all involve balloons
Printable Kids Party Games, Ready to Play Birthday Games
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Kid's Birthday Party Games and activities include name, supplies and how to play. For party games that go into more detail, variations and whether it is a printable game just click on the link.

Freeze Frame Model Game NEW

Supplies: Digital camera, music, paper, pen, computer is a plus

For fans of America’s Next Top Model and Make Me a Supermodel this game is sure to be a slumber party or party favorite as guests pose for the camera and may the best model win!
Game details and instructions

One-Eyed Pirate War Game

Supplies: Eye patches, bean bags, bottle or cans

Choose teams and have kids wear an eye patch as they try to knock down the other teams bottles during this friendly Pirate War!
Game details, instructions and variation

Yarning For Treasure Adventure Game

Supplies: Yarn, hiding places, cans or bottle, clues, bucket, small stick or pieces of wood, imagination

This adventure game is several games mixed into one. Find the yarn, tie together, knock over the bottle, get the clue and then your teammates must do the same before you get the final clue!
Game details and instructions
A Party Game Ideas Original by Sarah

On Target - Soda Bottle Game

Supplies: String, 1 Soda Bottle per person, (either lifesaver, paper clip, other)

Do they have the patience to get the item in the bottle or will they lose control during this concentration game of coordination!
Game details and instructions, can be a relay game

Digital Treasure Hunt Game

Supplies: Digital camera, printer to print out pictures

The standard treasure hunt goes digital. Instead of written clues to where the next clue is a photo is supplied. A variation gives ideas on how to make this game more difficult.
Game details, instructions and variation

Treasure Hunt Game

Supplies: Various itmes to be hidden, clues, and maybe a theme

Treasure Hunts can be simple or complex and adapted to just about any event and you are never quite sure where the next clue will lead to or what the treasure will be. have fun creating your own.
Game details, instructions and variations
Thanks, Jayneen

Mystery Guess Game

Supplies: Various kids items (jacks, action figures, hello kitty, tennis ball, plastic spider, etc...)

Create a mystery box filled with unique items that the kids have to identify through touch. A great game to get the senses going and in some cases imaginations running wild.
Game details, instructions, game and variation

Boat Race & Relay Game

Supplies: 2 Jelly roll pan (large flat pan low sides), 2 small boats (carved out of nut shell or balsa wood), straws, water

No lake required in this silly game, as you use straws to move your boat from one end of the water to the other. It takes a little prep work but this game is sure to be a splash, I mean a blast!
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Cathy T.

Barnyard Animal Game

Supplies: Peanuts, bags, guests who can make animal noises

What is more fun than a room full of noisy kids, well a room full of kids making animal noises while searching for peanuts. This all ages game has teams of animals searching for peanuts. Play inside or out.
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Kelly

Shoes in the Dark

Supplies: Shoes, dark room and air fresheners

This silly party game has everyone taking off their shoes and scrambling to find them before time runs out. When the lights come on you will see some surprising results.
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Kelly

Sock Game

Supplies: Lots of socks, basket

See how many socks you can put on in 60 seconds. Plus a relay team version of this game that is sure to entertain.
Game details, instructions, relay option
Thanks, Candy

Speedway Racing Game

Supplies: Create a race track (outdoors or in large space), dice, craft supplies / boxes to create cars

Kids that love Cars, Racing and Nascar will enjoy a game that puts them in the race and the driver. Fun ideas to create your own racecars for the kids and several variations to the Racing party game so you can make it perfect for your birthday party.
Game details, instructions and variations
Thanks, Sarah

Dressed for Work Game

Supplies: Various adult clothes, timer

Kids race against each other to see who can get dressed for work the fastest. With oversized clothes it is a blast to watch. Pants belt, shirt, tie, socks, etc…
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Angella

Mystery & Murder Mystery Games

Supplies: Purchase mystery games online

Choose from 40 scenarios in which things have gone missing or someone has been murdered. So for young CSI's, Sherlock Homles, or mystery fans this is an event to be remembered. Check out all the mysteries that need to be solved now.
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Bubble Gum Game

Supplies: Paper plates, bubble gum, and whipped cream

There is nothing like watching a messy party game, then taking photos of the kids playing the game! This game is as fun to watch as it is to play as kids search through the whipped cream, find the gum and then most blow a bubble.
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Hanna

Toothpick Lifesaver Race

Supplies: Toothpicks and lifesavers

Race to move the lifesaver from one end of the group to the other using just a toothpick and no hands. For a safer version for young children use straws and thin pretzels.
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Zach

Life Saver Stringing

Supplies: Life Savers, string, sandwich bags

This fast paced game challenges kids to place as many lifesavers on a string in just 30 seconds. Have a large group do rounds and the winners move on! Suggested for ages 7 and up.
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Richelle

Pass the Orange

Supplies: Oranges or tennis balls

Form a line, tell the teams they must pass and orange from one end of the line to the other, and then tell them without using their hands!
Game details and instructions

Make a Spiders Web

Supplies: Different colored yarns and time (can take an hour or more to untangle)

Want to keep the kids busy for 20, 30 and even 45 minutes well this yarn tossing game has kids creating their own spider web and then trying to get out of it. Adult supervision
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Jane K.

Tied in Knots Game

Supplies: Hands and patience

Can your guests get out of a self inflicted mess? Well find out with this human puzzle game.
Game details and instructions

Mova the Hula

Supplies: Hula Hoops, guests

This game works for ages 5 through 95! Groups / Teams grab hands and then are told they must pass a hula hoop from one end of the team to the other without breaking hands! Great for parties, reunions and group events.
Game details and instructions

Printable Scavenger Hunts

Supplies: Printable version available online

You can create your own scavenger hunt game and send the kids out to find unnique and odd items or you can try these creative and mystery oriental scavenger hunts that fit age ranges 3- 6, 6 - 10 and 8 - 12.

Whistling Game

Supplies: Noisy group, saltine crackers

Want a few minutes of piece and quite for a few minutes well this may be the game for you. Give the kids saltine crackers and challenge them to be the first to whistle. Remember silence can be golden.
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Connie

Watermelon Games - From our Family Games Section

Supplies: Watermelon and various supplies based on each game

Kid's parties, family reunion, picnics and summer holidays bring families and friends together. We've come up with a list of simple and fun watermelon games that will have kid's rolling, spitting and enjoying watermelon. Pool and land games too.
Various Game details and instructions

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