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Birthday Party Games and Kids Games for Children 3 - 6, Boys and Girls 7 - 10 and Older Kids - Just Adapt the Party Game to Your Child's Event
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Kid's Games and Birthday Party Games List

Complete list of Party Game Ideas Kid's Games & Birthday Party Games all on one page! You'll find classic Birthday party games like Pin the Tail on the Donkey, theme party games like Superman Save Us, challenge games and relay party games that involve skills and coordination, plus favorite party games linke Bingo, Charades and Treasure Hunts that make your kid's party or event lots of fun.
Kids Party Games

Kid's Games, Birthday Party Games

Kids Games Complete List - 70 Kids Games & Activities
Action Kids Party Games - Races, Bingo, Charades, Relays, more
More Action Party Games - Treasure hunts, clothes games, food games, knots, more
Children's Party Games 3 - 6 - These games are best for young children
Word, Memory, Brain Teaser Games - These games will challenge them
Outdoor Party Games - Fun games that get them out of the house
Balloon Party Games - Stuff, Burst or Blast - These all involve balloons
Printable Kids Party Games, Ready to Play Birthday Games
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Kids Games include party game name and type or category. Note many party games can be adapted to various ages and we offer ideas to vary the game, so adjust as needed. Many kids party games can easily be adapted into a relay or team game. Each game links to game details pages or directly to printable game option if available.

Kid's Games & Birthday Party Games

Alphabet List Game - Memory, challenge
Animal Escape, Curious George Theme - Action, challenge, Ages 3 - 6
Animal Family Ties - Printable
Balloon Booty or Bust Game - Outdoor, action, balloon
Balloon & Bubble Gum Relay - Balloon, action, relay
Balloon Keep It Up - Balloon, action
Balloon Stomp Game - Balloon, action

Balloon Stuff Game - Balloon, action
Balloon Target Game - Action, balloon, ages 3 to 6 and up
Balloon Burst Game - Action, balloon, ages 3 to 6 and up
Barnyard Animal Game - Action, noisy
Beanbag Toss - Action, ages 3 to 6 and up
Birthday Anagrams - Word, challenge, printable
Birthday Bingo - Do it yourself and printable versions

Candy Bar Game - Kids 6 - 10, simple, easy to play
Children's Picture Birthday Bingo Game - Printable, Ages 3 -6
Chocolate and Flour Game - Kids 4 and up, silly, messy, easy to play
Birthday Charades & Pictionary - Printable, Action
Birthday Match Up - Memory, challenge, printable, ages 3 to 6
Birthday Secret Message - Word, challenge, printable
Birthday Word Scramble - Word, challenge, printable
Blind Man's Buff - Action, outdoor recommended
Boat Race & Relay - Action, indoors, relay

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Bubble Gum Game - Action, relay
Bucket & Sponge Race - Action, outdoor, water, relay
Candy Rhyme Time - Pen and paper, challenge, printable
Cat Tails Game - Outdoor, action, ages 3 to 6 and up
Clean Your Room - Outdoor, action
Cotton Ball Games - 7 different cotton ball games, action, fun
Crazy Ping Pong - Action
Dressed for Work Game - Action

Egg and Spoon Race - Action, relay option
Famous Name Game - Challenge
Feed the Ducks Game - Ages 5 - 7, Silly, outdoor, action
Freeze Tag - Outdoor, action
Freeze Frame Model Game - Action, fun, slumber party
Golf Ball Croquet Game - Action, relay option
Gift Grab - Card Game - Action
Gone Fishin - Ages 3 to 6

Grab the Most Balloons Game - Balloon, action
Hot Potato Game - Ages 3 - 6, action
Hunger Games Party Game - Outdoor, action, challenge, individual, team, scavenger game
Ice Cream Rhyme Time - Pen and paper, challenge, printable
Life Saver Stringing - Action, challenge
Make a Spiders Web - Challenge, action
Message Mix-Up - Memory, challenge
Mova the Hula - Challenge, action
Minefield Party Game - Team play, random challenge, action, indoors / outdoor play
Mystery & Murder Mystery Games - Challenge, action

Musical Chairs - Action, 4 versions, one for 3 to 6 age group
Mystery Gift Pass - Action
Mystery Guess Game - Challenge
Needle in a Hay Stack - Action, ages 3 to 6 and up
On Target - Soda Bottle Game - Action, relay option
Olympic Games - Fun challenges and ideas for Olympic themed games
One Eyed Pirate War - Action, challenge, team
Pass the Parcel - Action
Pass the Orange - Action

Pin the Tail - Donkey - Printable, action, ages 3 to 6
Printable Scavenger Hunts - Challenge, action
Ready, Set, Race - Indoor, racecars, race challenge
Relay Race Ideas - 3 - 6 years, outdoor, basic, themed, challenge, action
Red Light, Green Light - Outdoor, action
Relay Race Ideas - 3 - 6 years, outdoor, basic, themed, challenge, action
Riddle Me This - Challenge, pen and paper, printable
Ring on a String - Action
Super Secret Identities - Challenge, pen and paper, printable
Shoes in the Dark - Action

Shopping Lists - Outdoor, pen and paper
Silent Charades - Action
Sock Game - Action, relay option
Speedway Racing Game - Action, ages 7 and under, fits Nascar & Cars party themes
Spoon & Spool Race - Action
The Star Game - Action, outdoors, ages 3 to 6 and up
Tire Roll Relay Race - Action, Fits Cars * Racing theme, outdoors, ages 3 to 6 and up
Towel & Apple Game - Action, outdoors, ages 6 and up
Stuffed Animal Find - Ages 3 to 6
Superman, Save Us - Action, challenge, relay

Sweet Ring Toss Game - Ages 3 to 6, Action
Tied in Knots Game - Challenge, action
Toothpick Lifesaver Race - Action
Toothpick Marshmallow Tower Game - Challenge
Treasure Hunt Game - Action, challenge
Treasure Hunt using Digital Photos Game - Action, challenge
Unwrap the Gift - Gift passing game with sample rhymes / clues
Water Balloon Target Game - Outdoor, action, balloon

Variety of Water Balloon Games - Outdoor, action, balloon
Watermelon Games - Various games, action, outdoor, family, several pool games, ages 5 and older
What Animal am I? - Action, ages 3 to 6 option
What If - Group Game - Pen and paper
What's on Old MacDonald’s Farm? - Printable
What Time is It Mr. Wolf? - Action, ages 3 to 7, loud, running, large space
What's Under The Big Top? - Pen and paper, printable
Whistling Game - Challenge
Who Knows The Birthday Star? - Pen and paper, printable

Yarning for Treasure - Challenge, action, team
The Year Of The Comics - Pen and paper, chaellenge, printable

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