Christmas Party Games

Quick and easy - The complete link list of all our Party Game Ideas diy Christmas Games, printable games and gift exchanges all on one page.

Christmas Party Games include name, type or category and a tiny description. Note many games can be adapted to various ages so adjust as needed. Each game links to game details pages or directly to printable option if available.

Holiday Party Games

12 Days of Christmas Singalong - Activity for all ages, good transition activity during party
Billiards Gift Exchange - Gift exchange, challenge, pool table
Blind Gift Stacking - Ages 8 and up, challenging, also works at team builder holiday game
Candy Canes - Ages 8 and up, card game, holiday version of spoons, small group game
Deck of Cards Holiday Gift Grab - Gift Exchange, kids, adults, office
Chinese Gift Exchange - Kids and Adults, office and home gift exchange
Christmas Bingo - Fun Bingo Games For All Ages 5x5 Board
Christmas Image Bingo - Fun Bingo Games For Kids, 4x4 Board
Christmas Carol Bingo - 7 and up Holiday Songs & Bingo combined - Oh what fun!
Christmas Carol Pictionary Relay - Ages 8 and up, drawing, guessing, fast paced
Christmas Charades & Draw It - Printable, challenge, kids & adult games
Christmas Charades for Kids - Printable, challenge, kids & adult games
Christmas Corners - Kids 3 - 7, All ages, music, easy to play, random

Christmas Elimination - Printable trivia game, easy yet hard, answers given, office, family, friends, large group game
Christmas Gift Stacking Relay - 7 and up, action, challenge, relay
Christmas Memory Match - Printable, young kids activity for 2-4 players
Christmas Mind Match - Printable, Ages 7 and older, social interaction, conversation starter
Christmas Match Me - Printable Adult match game, fun, interactive, can be crude
Christmas Memory Tray Game - Kids 8 up, adults, memory challenge
Christmas Movies Trivia Game - Ages 12 and up, printable movie challenge, pen and paper
Christmas Murder Mystery Game - For groups from 8 - 20, fun who did it games, Christmas & New Year's
Christmas Pictionary - Ages 10 and up, printable, drawing, challenge
Christmas Quiz Challenge - Jeopardy Style Game - Printable, 4 Boards, answer & questions game for family, friends, adults

Christmas Song Lyrics - Ages 8 and up, Printable, pen and paper
Christmas Song Scramble - 8 and up, printable DIY Option - Students, Adults, challenge, trivia , singing
Christmas Stocking Guess Game - 6 and up, discovery game, adapt level based on age, fun challenge
Christmas Trivia Games - Variety of holiday trivia games ages 8 - adult. family, office, friends
Christmas Tree Ornament Find - Kids and Adults, active, search, relay
Christmas 20 Questions - Kids and Adults, teams, guessing, adapt for age group
Christmas Who Am I? - Ages 5 and up, printable, social interaction, guessing game
Christmas Word Scramble - Ages 8 and older, pen and paper
Cookie Exchange Party - Activity, cookies, social event
Dirty Dice Christmas Gift Grab - Gift exchange, kids and adults

Dirty Santa - Gift Exchange with steals, adults, office
Ernie the Elf's Gift Passing Game - All ages, gift exchange, kids, adults, groups 15+
Find Out Who - Christmas Discovery Game - Adults, office, interactive game
Find Santa's Reindeer Scavenger Hunt - All ages can play, challenge, action, kids, adults, office
Find It Christmas Scavenger Hunt Relay - Challenge, action, kids, adults
Frosty's Musical March - Musical chairs game, kids, challenge, random
Gift Exchange Chaos - All ages, crazy, fun gift exchange, printable
Gift Wrap Relay - Challenge, wrapping gifts, kids
How Many Gifts in the Big Box? - All ages, office party, raffle idea, random guess

Holiday Gift Exchange - aka Dirty Santa - Gift Exchange with steals, adults, office
Holiday Office Trivia Game Guess - Office, fun co-worker facts, conversation starters, guessing game
Holiday Trivia Gift Exchange Game - Adult, Office, gift exchange, challenge
Christmas Left Right Games - View all our original Left Right gift passing stories
Left / Right - Ernie the Elf & The Special Gift - Heartwarming Left Right games, Gift exchange, kids, adults
Left / Right - Hezekiah & The Three Wise Men - Bible inspired Left / Right story Gift exchange, kids, church groups
Left / Right - Penguin Christmas Party - Funny Left / Right Gift exchange, kids, adults
Left / Right Naughty or Nice Gift Passing Game - Kids, fun passing gifts but not a gift exchange, random winner
Mitten Munch Relay - Kids, silly, candy challenge
Name the Christmas Carol - Kids and Adults, music, challenge, team or individual play, 3 variations

Ornament Guess - All ages, easy, Christmas tree, passive party game, guessing game
Pass the Bows - Children 5 - 12, challenge
Pin the Nose on the Reindeer - Children 3 - 9, challenge,
Reindeer Games - Kids, all ages, challenge, 5 game options, classroom
Roll the Dice Gift Exchange - All ages, best groups 6 - 16, roll dice and follow gift exchange rules
Rudolph's Red Nosed Relay - Kids 4 - 7, activity, relay, a little messy, silly
Santa's Christmas Puzzle Mystery - Challenge, kids, adults, office, adapt for age and group size
Siamese Gift Wrap - Ages 8 and up, 2 person teams, team builder, wrapping challenge
Shoveling Snow - Children 5 - 10, single player & team option, silly, messy

Snowball Soccer - Kids, challenge, space, active, indoors
Snowball and Spoon Relay Race - Kids and adults, challenge, space
Snowball Squishers - Kids, popping balloons, relay, challenge
Snowflake Balloon Catch - Kids 3 - 7, activity and game options, silly, challenge
Snowflakes on a Plate - Kids and Adults, challenge, individual or team play, silly, challenge
Snowman Snowball Battle - (No actual Snow) - Indoors, challenge, competitive, kids ages 5 - 10
Stuff Santa - Kids up to 10, silly, action, challenge
Texas Hold'em Gift Exchange - Adults, poker, unique and with a twist

Twas Night Before Christmas Trivia Game - Printable trivia game for kids and adults
Unwrap the Gift Games - Kids, silly, challenge, all ages
White Elephant Gift Exchange - Kids and Adults, office and home gift exchange
Who's Santa - Kids, challenge
Yankee Swap Gift Exchange - Kids and Adults, gift exchange

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