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Halloween Party Games. These games include ghosts, mummies, spiders, worms, pumpkins and scary stories.
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Halloween Party Games

These Halloween Party Games work best for kids ages 7 - 12, while the concepts keep be modified for each group, this is a good mix of action and some paper and pen games for Halloween parties and classroom activities.

Halloween Games

Halloween Games

Complete List of 80 Halloween Games & Halloween Games by Age
Children's Halloween Games - Not so spooky games for the 3 - 7 crowd
Halloween Games - Pumpkin Bowling, Bingo, Hunts and more
More Halloween Games - Spiders, Scarecrow, Ghosts, Halloween Story game and more
Scary & Gross Halloween Games - Gross food games, scary stories, scavenger hunts...
Printable Halloween Games - Just buy, print and play
Halloween Murder Mystery - Variety of mysteries for teens and adults
Halloween Costumes - Baby, Kids, Men, Women, and Pets
- Bookmark too!

Halloween Party Games include name, supplies and how to play. For party games that go into more detail, variations and whether it is a printable game just click on the link.

Halloween Survivor

Supplies: Varies based on challenges you select

Who will survivor these Halloween challenges and activities. Halloween survivor allows you to have a variety of activities but only 1 survivor! Instead of voting off the guests are eliminated after each competition.
Game details, instructions and variations

Worm Bobbing

Supplies: Whipped Cream and Gummy Worms, bowls, plates, towels/napkins

Each player must dig through whipped cream to find all of the gummy worms without using their hands. A fun messy game kids will enjoy.
Game details, instructions and variations

2 Spider Web Games

Supplies: Yarn, plastic spider rings, prizes - candy

2 different spider web games for those looking for a tangled mess. One involves the kids getting into their own mess and the other has kids untangling the web to find their prize.
Game details and instructions for both games
Thanks, Jane K. and Amber

Rolling Pumpkin Relay

Supplies: Pumpkins

This pass the pumkpin relay game has kids passing the pumpkin over their head and through their legs the fastest. The team that can complete the task a full turn wins.
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Lara

Battle Zone Pumpkin Smash

Supplies: Orange balloons, ribbon, shoes and 2 or 3 black sharpies

Take the Pumpkin Smash balloon game idea add teams, boundaries and competitive kids and this kids game turns into an active Halloween party game that will have several teams enter the Battle Zone but only one Winner. Single player option too.
Game details, instructions, variation
Thanks, Siena

Halloween Questions

Supplies: Questions, guests and in some versions pen and paper

Halloween Questions is a fun Halloween ice breaker game to get your party started. Halloween Questions offer ideas to play with young children, tweens, teens and adults plus two game variations so Halloween Questions can work for any party
Game details, instructions and variations

Monster Puzzle Relay Game

Supplies: Envelope, 1 monster puzzle per guest, candy, Halloween costume accessories or candy, basic craft supplies

Monster Puzzle Relay Game challenges your guests to solve the Mystery Monster puzzle and then seek costume accessories or that monsters favorite candy. Easy to adapt Halloween relay for all ages.
Game details and instructions

Guess the Ghost

Supplies: Large sheet

Someone is hiding under the sheet but who is it? Will the GhostBuster know or will he be stumped. Ideas to make the game harder.
Game details and instructions

Halloween Story Game

Supplies: Create beginning of a story, mail to attendees, get story endings from guests

Want a creative game well send out a Halloween thriller but don't send out the ending. Your guests will tell you how this Halloween thriller will finish
Game details and instructions
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Ghost Hunter

Supplies: Lollipops, ribbon, paper, tissue paper, and select 5-10 Halloween terms. You may want a styrofoam base to stick the ghosts into during the game.

This team game involves finding hidden ghosts and then when they have all of the ghosts they must unscramble the letters to reveal a Halloween word or phrase.
Game details, instructions and variations
A Party Game Ideas Original by Sarah 2002


Supplies: Magazine (with lots of people in them), paper, glue, scissors

Teams work together to create the perfect monster from magazine pictures and photos. You decide want type of monster and they can produce one or more.
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Marcia

Bobbing for Apples

Supplies: Large steel tub, apples and other items based on variations

Bobbing for Apples is a simple game until Party Game Ideas got their hand on it. Check out Bobbing for Apples Classic, Relay and a unique variation Catch the Apples - 7 Ways to play this Fall and Halloween favorite.
Game details, instructions and variations

The Hanging Tree

Supplies: 13 Apples (12 red and one green) you will need extras, String, Blindfold, tree branch or some place to hang apples

Apples hang from a tree 12 are red and one is green. Which child will pick the green apple and have their wish come true. Fun outdoor game.
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Krag

Halloween Secret Message

Supplies: Printable game

What is the secret Halloween message? To find out, players race to cross out the letters and be the first to be declared the Master Decoder.
Printable game - purchase, print and play

Scarecrow Relay

Supplies: 2 oversized flannel shirts, 2 hats, 2 poles (broom sticks, dowels, yard sticks)

Kids must put on the scarecrow costume and then run to their teammates and take it off quickly so the next team member can put on the scarecrow outfit.
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Debbie

Find and Build a Scarecrow Game

Supplies: clothes, hats, old pillowcases, string, markers, newspapers or corn stalks

In this scarecrow game guests must first find the scarecrow parts and then be the first team to build a scarecrow.
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Lisa

Which Witch is Which? Halloween Riddles

Supplies: Printable version only

They will have so much fun trying to solve these riddles, players will want to play again! We have included two different game versions to make the fun last even longer.
Printable game - purchase, print and play

Cluck Hunt

Supplies: Candy corn, cups

Candy corn is hidden around the house and the hen must go off looking for it while the rooster stays home. When the hens find candy corn they must cluck to get the roosters attention so they can get the corn.
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Debbie

Halloween Word Scramble

Supplies: Prinatable Game

These Halloween words are all mixed up and players race to unscramble them! Younger kids might take more time, but rush the adults to unscramble in 60 seconds.
Printable game - purchase, print and play

Pass the Apple / Orange

Supplies: Apples

Remove the stem from the apple and line team member up. Place the apple between the chin and the chest. Now you must pass it to your teammate without using your hands. Need more details review Pass the Orange Game
Pass the Orange Game details and instructions
Thanks, Debbie

Mummy Wrap

Supplies: Toilet paper

Divide guests into pairs and give each pair a roll of toilet paper. One person wraps their partner in toilet paper like a mummy and the first one to empty their roll wins. Older kids and adults get two rolls of toilet paper.

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