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Halloween games for kids and adults. Fun Halloween Party Games that haunt, scare, challenge and make some scream with delight.
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Printable Halloween Party Games

Halloween Games

Quick and easy the complete list of Party Game Ideas - Halloween Party Games all on one page!
Halloween Games

Halloween Games

Complete List of 80 Halloween Games & Halloween Games by Age
Children's Halloween Games - Not so spooky games for the 3 - 7 crowd
Halloween Games - Pumpkin Bowling, Bingo, Hunts and more
More Halloween Games - Spiders, Scarecrow, Ghosts, Halloween Story game and more
Scary & Gross Halloween Games - Gross food games, scary stories, scavenger hunts...
Printable Halloween Games - Just buy, print and play
Halloween Murder Mystery - Variety of mysteries for teens and adults
Halloween Costumes - Baby, Kids, Men, Women, and Pets
- Bookmark too!

Halloween Games include name, type or category and a tiny description. Note many games can be adapted to various ages so adjust as needed. Each game links to game details pages or directly to printable option if available.

Halloween Party Games

Bobbing for Apples - Ages 7 and up, classic bobbing game plus 7 ways to play
Bone Collector - Kids and Families, challenge, active, search, outdoors / large space helpful
Broomstick Witch Hunt - Children 3 - 6, adult story telling, search
Build a Scarecrow - Kids and Adults, challenge, creative
Find & Build a Scarecrow Game - Kids, challenge, search
Candy Corn Catch - Children 3 – 6, All Ages, target game
Candy Corn Guessing Game - Children 3 – 6, All Ages, guessing game, variations, photos, creative tips
Capture the Pumpkins - Kids, Teens and Adults, open space and fields, active - running
Cluck Hunt - Children 3 – 8 maybe 10, silly, challenge, search
Create a Haunted Story - Variations for All Ages, creative, story telling
Daylight and Darkness - Kids 4 - 8, large space, take off on Red Light, Green Light
Decades of Horror - Adults, Printable horror movie trivia game, match game
Don't Lose Your Head - Ages 5 - 12, variation, relay, active, balance, easy to adapt to age group
Eat Your Brains - Tweens, Teens, Adults, gross, food eating, messy game

Eyeball Bounce - Variations for All Ages, challenge, target game
Eyeball Relay Race - Variations for All Ages, challenge, team game
Finish the Spooky Phrase - Kids 7 and up, adults, interactive group game
Frankenstein Relay - Children 3 - 8, easy, walking relay
Graveyard Roll - Children 3 - 7, easy, hand & eye coordination, individual and team play, target game
Ghost Drop - Children 3 - 7, easy, hand & eye coordination, small space
Ghost Hunter - 5 and up, Reading Skills, search, solve riddle
Gross Food Guess - Kids and Adults, food
Guess the Ghost - Children 3 – 6, guessing
Guess What's in the Halloween Box - Kids 5 – 12, sense game, guessing
Halloween Bean Bag Toss Games - 4 Variations, All Ages, Challenge, Target, Relay
Halloween Bingo - Printable & DIY Bingo options

Halloween Nightmare Bingo - Printable & Bingo Game for 13 and up.
Halloween Camera Scavenger Hunt - Teens & Adults, outdoors, challenge
Halloween Candy Hunt - Children 3 – 6, search
Halloween Candy Mash - Kids 8 and up, adults, candy bar guessing game, challenge
Halloween Charades - Kids & Adults Versions, Interactive, guessing, teams
Halloween Corners - Children 3 – 6 and All Ages, movement, music, random winner
Halloween Costume Contest - All ages, how to host, plus costume games for random winners

Halloween Costume Scavenger Hunt - Adult, camera, challenge, outdoors
Halloween Elimination - Teens & Adults, printable trivia game, large group, 4 pack
Halloween Fear Factor Trick or Treat - Teens & Adults, gross, eating, messy
Halloween Film Festival - Teens & Adults, creative, preparation, make video
Halloween Ice Breaker / Form Your Team Game
Halloween Match Me - Teens and Adults, Sentence match game, printable option only.
Halloween Memory Match - Kids challenge, small group, game / activity
Halloween Mind Boggled - Kids and Adults, word game, printable option only - Boggle like word game
Halloween Mind Match - Kids and Adults, word game, printable option only - Finish my Phrase game
Halloween Movie Master Game - Adult, creative, movie riddles
Halloween Pictionary - Teens & Adults, Interactive, drawing, guessing, teams
Halloween Questions - Ice breaker / party starter game, versions for children, tweens, adults
Halloween Spooky Sound Story - All ages, storytelling, group participation with noises

Halloween Story Game - Kids and Adults, preparation by guests, creative
Halloween Survivor - Kids & Adults, several challenges and rounds
Halloween Treasure Hunt Game - Kids, clues / riddles, search
Halloween 20 Questions - Teens & Adults, guessing, teams, mental challenge, office
Halloween Video Scavenger Hunt - Adult, challenge, to do list, video cameras
Halloween Who Am I? - Adapt for All Ages, question & answer, guessing
Halloween Word Scramble - Kids & Adults, thinking challenge, printable option only
The Hanging Tree - Kids, random choice, outdoors
Make-A-Monster - Kids & Teens, creative, challenge, arts & crafts
Miserly Man - Kids 7 - 12, story telling activity, gross food passing

Monster Movie Trivia - Teens & Adults, adapt for age, challenge, trivia
Monster Puzzle Relay - Kids & Teens, challenge, relay
The Morgue Assistant - Kids 9 and up, Teens, adapt for age, challenge, gross, messy
Mummy Wrap - Kids 5 and older, challenge, relay, variations to increase difficulty
Musical Halloween Signs - Kids 3 - 10, music, active, random elimination
Operation Body Parts - Tweens, Teens and Adults, messy, gross, teams, competitive
Paper Mache Pumpkin Decorating - Children 3 – 8, Kids, decorating activity
Pass the Apple / Orange - Kids and Adults, team, challenge
Pass the Pumpkins - Children 3 – 6, sitting game
Pin the Nose on the Jack-O-Lantern - Children 3 – 8
Pumpkin Bowling - Children 3 – 8, challenge
Pumpkin Brains Search - Children 3 – 10, gross, messy, good for pumpkin carving parties
Pumpkin Golf - Kids 4 - 8, outdoors or inside, one pumpkin or mini-course, individuals
Pumpkin Hunt - Kids and Teens, outdoors, running, search, individuals or teams

Pumpkin Math - Children 6 – 9, classroom game, problem solving, search
Pumpkin Relay - Children 3 – 8, teams in a line, classroom
Pumpkin Smash - Children 3 – 10, single player & team option, balloon game
Scarecrow Relay - Kids, teams, relay, dressing up
Scary Halloween Story - Kids up to 10 maybe 12, scary story, passing of gross items
Skeleton Pose Off - Kids 6 - 12, adults, challenge, active, entertaining, variations including relay
Spider Web Games - Kids up to 12, parent supervision, open space, 2 games, challenge
Spiderweb Hunt - Children 3 – 6, simple
Spooky Walk - Children 3 -6, musical chairs type game but no shoving
Toddler Halloween Games - Halloween activities for those 3 and under

Tragic Sam - Kids and Adults, gross food guess, add a creative story
Trick or Treat Game - Kids up to 10, silly actions
Vampire or Not! - Kids 4 - 8, indoors, guessing game, simple, not-competitive
Witch's Hat Ring Toss - Children 3 – 6, Adapt for older Kids, challenge, target
Witch Hunt Game - Children 3 – 6 and kids, search for hidden witches
Witch Pricking - Kid and Adults, random guess
Which Witch is Which? Halloween Riddles - Kids and Adults, riddles, printable option only
Worm Bobbing - Kids, messy, challenge
Zombie Attack - Kids and Adults, target challenge, outdoors

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