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Don't Lose Your Head a Halloween Party Game that Has Guests Racing to Win the Job of Serving Dinner at Ms. Noosebaum’s Dinner Party
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Don't Lose Your Head

Don't Lose Your Head

Supplies: Trays, skulls, heads or artificial pumpkins, (additional obstacles optional), space and kids
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Don’t Lose Your Head Supplies
- You are going to need 1 tray per team so the more teams or people playing at one time.

- TRAYS: The trays should be smooth and slick. Metal with no edges would be perfect, plastic like a cutting board or smooth pieces or sturdy cardboard could be used. We recommend a test run to see how difficult it is.  

- Skulls / Heads / Pumpkins: We searched a few Halloween stores and found that we did not see any heads that would sit nicely on a tray (heads are preferred since they are more likely to tumble off a tray and takes more effort to balance), we did spot a glow in the dark skull and a realistic skull that would work (the light foam skulls seemed to light) and another option that can work are those fake pumpkins you find at craft stores. The best fake pumpkins have an uneven bottom so they don’t sit perfectly flat on the tray, hence could tumble off if you loose your balance.

Game Story
Rather than just play a game, I like to give a background story so there is a reason for the game, sometimes I dress up in character to present the game because I think it is more fun that way. For this game I like to use this story, but feel free to create your own.

Ms. Noosebaum is having a dinner party for her ghoulish guests on Halloween evening and she needs that best wait staff to deliver her perfectly made dishes, caramelized eye tarts, finger bowl soup, liver and gallbladder and the main dish, skull de brains.

You have been brought here today as teams to see you will be working Ms. Noosebaum’s dinner party. The team to Win this task will be handsomely rewarded. (Prize should be related to a Hand, ie – handsomely rewarded (hand candy, lollipops, etc…),  to test your serving skills she has set up this task and the team to complete the task first will be serving dinner.

Don’t Lose Your Head – How to Play
- Divide guests into teams. You can have 2, 3 or more.
- Each team will be given a tray and a skull / head / pumpkin to sit on top of the tray.
- To Start this Halloween game have the first person of each team take the tray and place the head in the middle of the tray.

- Decision: Decide whether you want the kids to use 1 or 2 hands to carry the tray.
For kids 6 and under we recommend two hands as it is a challenge
For Kids 7 and over, have them use 1 hand to carry the tray and the other hand goes behind their back

- With the teams lines up and the first person ready to go, the Game Hostess or Host lets the teams know they must race to the other side of the room and around a chair (or obstacle) and then return to the Starting Line, where they will hand off the tray and head to the next person so they can complete the test. This continues until each member of the team has completed the task perfectly. The first team to complete these tasks Wins.

- However if a player “Loses their Head” by dropping it on the floor or grabbing it with their hand, they must return to the Starting Line and perform the task again!

Add Difficulty to this Halloween Game – Don’t Lose Your Head
If you guests are older, make “Don’t Lose Your Head” more difficult but adding obstacles to your course. Just by adding a row of pumpkins to step over, tombstones to go around, have bats or spiders hanging from the ceiling or including animated Halloween props the task becomes more difficult.

Single Player Variation: Don’t Lose Your Head
Don’t have a large enough group to play in teams, well “Don’t Lose Your Head” can be easily adapt to a single player event. That can be played more than once.

- Line up all of the kids on the Starting Line and give them a tray and a skull / head / artificial pumpkin.

- Have a chair or half way point on the other side of the room that each child must walk / run to and then return to the starting line.
- Kids are told that they must walk with their trays and heads to the mid way (if chairs or obstacles – circle the chair) and then return to the starting line. If they drop their head they must return to the Starting Line and start over.

- Here is the Key of the Single Player Variation:
During each round the last person to complete the task is Eliminated!
This allows you to play several rounds of this game and if you choose increase the difficulty of each round by adding obstacles to the course.

- The Winner: The Winner of this game is determined by who wins completed the task when you are down to 2 players. The first person to cross the finish line with their head on their tray Wins.

Thanks – Kathy - Mount Dora,  FL

Additional Game Suggestions
From Becky in Kansas City, MO
To make sure that the kids don’t use their free hand, as they don’t keep it behind their back, have them hold a cup in the other hand. Add water if you want but, just making them hold something else means they can’t cheat.

From April in Turbotville, PA
Instead of a skull or head use an orange balloon on the tray. While you can't play this outside it works in a classroom and the kids must go really slow so it stays on the tray. Not as Halloween oriented as the other ideas but an option.

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