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Grown Up Games that try to challenge thought and have fun. Also consider visiting Dinner Party Games and Murder Mystery games pages
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Grown Up Party Games

On the Grown Up Party Game section you will find party games that may be as silly as kids game but for adults; in the end aren't we all just big kids anyway! If you don't find the exact game you are looking for see if there is one you can modify or check out party games in other sections of the site. For Halloween, Christmas and other seasonal events check out the individual holiday sections in addition to this page.

Grown Up Party Games

Grown Up Party Games

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Grown Up Party Games include name, supplies and how to play. For party games that go into more detail, variations and whether it is a printable game just click on the link.

Shaving Game

Supplies: Shaving cream, plastic spoons, bibs/towels, camera

Pair up as teams or couples, apply shaving cream and see how someone shaves their partner blindfolded using a spoon!
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Oriole

It is I!

Supplies: Numbers (and a way to give to guests), corresponding numbers that can be pulled from a hat and a list of questions

This group game matches randomly matches up questions with guests. The randomness makes it quite silly. Like who is doing the the dishes - It is I - Sarah. Who needs Gas X - It is I - John. And so on.
Game details, sample questions, instructions, seasonal variation
Thanks, Sherill

Name That Tune - 4 Versions

Supplies: CD, Playlist, CD Player

How well do you guests know music, well find out by challenging them to Name That Tune. We have 4 variations of the Name that Tune theme, so see if one works for your event.
Game details, instructions and variations
Thanks, Sarah


Supplies: Limbo stick and music

Outdoor parties, family picnics and weddings the limbo always seems to be popular. This classic has guests seeing how low they can go to go under the limbo stick without touching or falling.
Game details and instructions

Trivia Night in a Box

Supplies: Downloadable trivia game

Do you and your friends love trivia nights? Well now you can bring bar style trivia to your home of party, this game gives you lots of trivia rounds from a variety of categories, a scoring system and bonus trivia games. Lots of fun for competitive friends.
Trivia Night in a Box Game

Balloon Popping Contest

Supplies: Balloons

This silly balloon game has guests running and popping a balloon in one version and teams working together to pop balloons in variation. Click here for additional balloon party games.
Game details, instructions and variations

Belt Race Game

Supplies: Belts

How fast can teams / couples get a belt from the floor to over their heads? Now what if only one person could use their hands or what is you can't use your hands at all!
Game details and instructions

Hula Hoop Games

Supplies: Hula Hoops

Perfect for a luau or outdoor party, various ideas that will make adults feel like kids again. So see who can move those hips or toss a hula hoop the farthest.
Games and instructions

Name Game

Supplies: Pieces of paper, pens, creative thinking

How creative is your group? Guests give clues so that players can correctly guess who the famous person is. Easy to create and play; plus play as individuals or teams.
Game details, instructions and variation

Who's Your Mate / Newlywed Game?

Supplies: Questions, couples, paper and pens, chairs and good spirits

How well do couples know each other? Favorite food, fun or place to get romantic? Well make small changes to this Wedding Shower Game and you will be ready to play Who's Your Mate!
Game details and instructions

Who's the Murderer?

Supplies: Cards and 6 or more people

This is often a favorite among teens and young adults, but can be a fun adult game to as you murder, get murdered or catch the killer in the literally the blink of an eye!
Game details and instructions

Murder Mystery Games

Supplies: Purchase a Murder mystery

Do your friends love CSI, love to have fun and enjoy a challenge well then they might be up for a murder mystery. Select from over 60 themes and see who can solve the crime.
View various murder mystery games

Who Am I?

Supplies: Theme, people or titles, index cards, pen

Select a theme famous artists, bands, composers, tv show or movie and place a card with the name of the person or title on each guests back. The person must ask fellow guests yes or no questions of other guests to learn who they are.
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Cathy

Over the Hill Birthday Roast

Supplies: Stories, paper, person to roast

We all get older and at some point Over the Hill parties occur. It may be 30, 40, or 50 but why not make it fun with funny stories and a roast. Plus it you need activities add these Over the Hill Printable Games.
Activity details and instructions
Thanks, Tim & Lori

Crazy Ping Pong

Supplies: Ping pong table, ping pong balls

Take an ordinary ping pong table and turn it into a battleground involving lots of hot air, focus and unexpected action as teams work to score points on the other team, without a paddle! Fun for kids, teens and adults.
Game details, instructions and variations
Thanks, Cathy T.

Socks & Gloves

Supplies: 1 or more blindfolds, socks, gloves

How many socks can one person put on their feet in 2, 3 or 4 minutes well find out with this silly sock race game. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention they will be wearing gloves too.
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Alice

Shoe Shuffle

Supplies: Guest’s shoes

Everyone must give up their shoes only to have to find them in the pile and put them back on again. A team game best played in well ventilated areas.
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Oriole

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