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Big Game, Championship Football Party Games

Are you hosting a party for the Big Game, Championship Football Game, or your teams big rivalry game? While the games can be very exciting, sometimes the pre-game hype is a little to much and you may want to add some games or trivia to your event.

Party Game Ideas has put together a variety of games, trivia ideas, party decorations and fun items we found around the web so you can have a great party for the big game. If you have ideas, please email Party Game Ideas and we may add them to the site.

Football Squares

Football Squares a fun football party game for the Big Game, National Championship and any football tailgate or party of the year. Free printable Football Squares board, rules and tips.

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Super Bowl Trivia
Supplies: Research time, printer, pen, paper

Research Super Bowl trivia or trivia about the teams in the Super Bowl. Create a sheet of questions and then create a separate column for the answers.

Sample Questions:
1. During what Super Bowl did the 2nd half kickoff need to be repeated, because the TV Cameras were off during the kick?
2. What Super had 3 defensive touchdowns scored by one team?
3. During what Super Bowl did Janet Jackson have her famous wardrobe malfunction?

You can also do most points by wining team, combined points, few points, etc. Try to get 12 - 20 Questions for your Trivia Game.

Here are the answers.
1. Super Bowl I - Green Bay Packers vs. Kansas City Chiefs
2. Super Bowl XXXVII - Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Oakland Raiders (Tampa had the TD's)
3. XXXVIII - New England Patriots vs. Carolina Panthers

Play Some Football
Supplies: Football and Space to Play

Guys head outside and play some two hand touch or flag football. There is nothing better than tossing the pigskin around and getting into the true spirit of the game before the big game. Just try to shower before the game.

The kids might enjoy playing there own game or playing a football toss or football target game where you aim for a receiver or toss the football through a tire at different distances.

Football Hot Potato Game
Supplies: Football, Timer

This game is played like Hot Potato but with a football.

Have the kids sit in a circle and give them a football. Randomly set a timer :15 to :30 seconds and have them start passing the football around the circle. When the timer goes off the person holding the football is out of the game, continue until there is a winner and then play again.

Parties Supplies, Games and Items for your Super Bowl Party

New England Patriots AFC Champs
Philadelphia Eagles NFC Champs

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