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Bridal Shower & Wedding Shower Games

With over 40 Bridal Shower Games and Couples Wedding Shower games we offer you a great mix of activities to help get your shower started, help guests mingle and have a great time. Some of our most popular Bridal Shower games include Bride Leaves the Room, The Honeymoon Story, Who Knows the Bride, What's in the Purse or on your Phoneand a variety of printable Bridal Shower games too.

For Sale Wedding Shower Game

For Sale Game – Bridal Shower Game. Guests are asked to write a classified ads to sell something around their house that they don’t need. After writing it the item for sale becomes a description refering to the groom to be!

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Bridal Shower & Wedding Shower Games include name, supplies and how to play. For more party game details and variations just click on the link.
Bride Leaves the Room
Supplies: Bride, questions, answers, paper and pens

When the bride leaves the room everyone thinks she will be right back, but little did they know that they are about to get quizzed on what the bride is wearing and maybe what she is not. A fun memory type game that all can play.

Bridal Shower Centerpiece Game
Supplies: Centerpieces and questions

You made wonderful centerpieces, but how do you decide who gets to take them home? Well this simple game lets the answers to random questions solve your dilema.

Honeymoon Story Game - Bridal Shower Game
Supplies: Story creating skills, pen and paper, listening skills and a captive audience

The bride is so excited to be opening the gifts and all her comments are so adorable. "I love it", "Where does this go", I'm not sure it will fit", well little does yes know these special comment will shortly to turned into a honeymoon story starring her!

Don't Say Bride or Wedding Game
Supplies: Clothes pins, necklace or bracket and listening skills

Learn how well your guests listen to your instructions when you tell them not to say "bride" or "wedding"during the bridal shower. If they break the rules, they may lose their pin and a chance to win! A listening game that will keep them all ears.

Don't Cross Your Legs
Supplies: Legs, pins or clothespins, eagle eyes

This game is like "Don't Say Bride or Wedding" but instead of listening skills this one is visual as you get to steal someones pin if you catch them crossing their legs during the shower.

Bridal Shower Bingo
Supplies: Bingo cards, markers and players

Take a classic like Bingo make the terms relate to the Bridal Shower and what do you get. A good time of course! Lots of options for this classic game paired with a special event.

Name the White Stuff
Supplies: Various kitchen items and powders that are white, plastic bags, pen and paper

What happens when you take the same colored ingredients place them all in plastic bags and ask people to identify what is inside without smelling it? Well give this game a try and find out.

Create a Calendar Activity
Supplies: Calendar, photos, sticker, craft supplies and creative people

Looking for something different then check out this creative make you own bridal shower calendar. Just have all the supplies and give each person a month to create and at the end of the shower present the memorable calendar.

Guess the Spice
Supplies: 10 or more spices, paper/covers to wrap around the spices, pen and paper and noses

Another sensory game that challenges how well you know the spices that exist on your spice rack. Line up 10 or more spices and have everyone take a sniff and see if they can figure out what is spice is which.

Thank You Card Game
Supplies: Thank you card envelopes, pens, basket, timer

When your guests arrive give them the thank you card envelope and have them put there name and address on it. Then during the wedding shower randomly have two or three drawings from the pile to give away a prize.

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Bridal Shower Tray Game
Supplies: Tray of household, women's, wedding items, tray, pen and paper

Place lots of items on a tray and place on a table or walk around the room with it. Then leave the room and ask guests to write down what was on the try or mix it up and ask what the person who carried the tray was wearing.

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Bridal Showers originally began as a way to help prep the Bride-to-be for married life. Often the bride was leaving her parent's home and starting life with her new husband and the need for kitchen and pantry items ranked high on the list of needs for the newlyweds. However, today brides and grooms tend to get married later in life and as a result, showers are held to help add to the items they have and bring new family and friends together to support the bride.

What is the difference between a Bridal Shower, Wedding Shower and a Couples Shower?

A Bridal Shower is for the Bride-to-be and the groom does not attend, this event is often attended by women. This type of shower often is clean but can sometimes touch on adult subjects. While there can be blush-worthy moments here and there, we would expect the language and gifts to be safe for teenagers and grandmothers.

A Wedding Shower and Couples Shower are the same thing. These showers include the bride and groom and guests include men and women. These events are more social mingling events, games at Couples Showers tend to be about the couple.

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