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Bachelorette Party Games

To help you plan the best Bachelorette Party Ever, we offer our favorite Bachelorette Party games just for you. So whether you are looking for a wild bachelorette party or a simple girls's night out these games are sure to raise eyebrows, create laughter and cause the bride to blush. Have a great time with these bachelorette dare games, scavenger hunt, printable bachelorette games and more.

Bachelorette Party Games include name, supplies and how to play. For party games that go into more detail or offer variations just click on the link.
Pass the Vibrator
Supplies: Vibrator, music and the ability to pass the vibrator

What do you get when you mix musical chairs with Hot Potato well... Pass the vibrator and embarrassing game where it is interesting to see who is the last one holding the willy!
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Bachelorette Bingo
Supplies: Purchase Bingo games

This is your classic Bingo game pre-filled with "Naughty" items to get the Party started off with a bang.

Bachelorette, I Never
Supplies: List of I Never statements or creative imaginations, drinks

Here is where those dirty little secrets come out as you ask interesting questions starting with "I Never" and those who have drink. Like I never used a stripper pole! and if some has they drink! Crazy fun.

Name That Drink
Supplies: Drink Book, sheet listing drink ingredients, pen

You think you know what's in a drink but do you? Find out who knows their mixed drink by giving them just the ingredients. Mudslides, Sex on the Beach and other drinks will never look the same.

Lasting Impressions
Supplies: Purchase Bingo games

Read different scenarios about the bride and groom making whoopee (oh my)! And then add the Bride-to-be's comments to complete the thought. A fun ice-breaker to get everyone having a good laugh.

Alcohol Drinks A to Z
Supplies: Paper, pen and knowledge of lots of drinks

On a sheet of paper list the first letters of the alphabet A - Z. Now ask each guests to name a drink that starts with that letter of the alphabet. It sounds easy but is harder than you think.

Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt
Supplies: List of items to collect, diy and printable option

Head out for a wild night with the Bachelorette whether she is a little shy or wild, she must collect or do everything on “This List,”before the night is through. Tame or Wild you decide.

I Dare You! - Bachelorette Party
Supplies: A list of dares and women to do them

We found an assortment of Bachelorette Dare games and decided to list a variety of them and link to them. If you are the creative type you can come up with your own dares for the event but these offer ready to go solutions.

Pin the Private Parts on the Man
Supplies: Playgirl centerfold, craft supplies, and other stuff

Just like "Pin-The-Tail-On-Donkey" rules, except you take a man and instead of a tail you pin a dick on him. Diy and ready to play games for sale.

Men's Private Parts Relay
Supplies: Two men's pee pees, two rolls of toilet paper and women willing to do this!

Who can score first, find out in this walk like a man, private parts relay game.

Who Knows the Bachelorette
Supplies: Questions, answers, paper and pens

Find out how well the Bachelorette Party knows the Bride-to-be by asking them a serious of questions that range from naughty to nice. A great ice-breaker that really gets people talking.

Ring the Pee Pee
Supplies: Male blow up doll or male private part stand in, rings / hoops

Don't be shy and give it a try - a ring toss game like no other.

Steal the Beads
Supplies: Colorful Mardi Gras beads

Each member of the Bachelorette party is given beads to where around their neck and informed the once you go out that if you drink with your right hand another member of the Bachelorette party can Steal your Beads.

Suck for a Buck
Have fun helping the bride-to-be have fun with these suckers

Over the years Bachelorette Parties, aka Hen Parties have gone from simple gatherings to help prepare the Bride to Be for the wedding night and the more adult side of marriage to be full blown over the top parties that involve males, strippers, trips to Vegas or fun destinations, wild bachelorette scavenger hunts and pampering full day spa events.

While exciting trips and luxury events are great, always remember that a great Bachelorette Party includes great friends and making the Bride To Be feel and know she is special. A great bachelorette party can be held in an apartment, family members house, restaurant / bar or in Vegas, just be true to the Bride and have fun. And hopefully, Party Game Ideas Bachelorette Party Games will help make your event special and memorable.

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