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Holiday Gift Exchange

Holiday Gift Exchange

Supplies: Wrapped gifts, budget limit, paper and pen

Have all of your guests bring a small gift that costs under $10 - $20. You'll need to have one gift for everyone attending. (You may want to have some spares just in case)

The gifts can be anything from gag gifts to wine to movie tickets, hot sauces, teddy bear, anything goes. As guest arrive place the gifts in one central area. Once everyone is there, put numbers (1 for each guest) on pieces of paper (1 per piece), fold and put in a hat and have the guests choose a number, this determines who goes first.

The guest with number 1 goes first and selects a gift from the pile.
The person who is number 2 has a choice take Number 1's gift or select one from the pile, if Number 2 takes Number 1's gift then number 1 can pick from the pile again.
Once you get to the 4, 5, and 6th guest, it will get tricky because only two people can steal gifts from the other guests per turn.

Example: Guest 5 - takes Guest 3's gift (One gift grab)
Guest 3 in turn takes Guest's 2's gift (Two gift grabs)
Stop: Now guest 2 must pick a new gift from the pile.
Now we proceed to Guest 6 and so on.
Remember there is no gift grab if a gift is chosen from the pile.

This continues until the person with the highest number goes and either grabs a gift from another or chooses the last gift from the pile.

More Rules:
- You can not grab a gift from back from the person who grabbed your gift.
So if 5 takes 3’s gift, then 3 can NOT take 5’s gift. They must choose from 1, 2, 4 or the pile.
- Some people limit the number of times that a gift can be stolen to 3 or 4 times. This means that the last person to steal that gift gets to keep it and no one else can steal it. If there is a large group the easiest way to track this is to put those little Post it flags on the gifts and after each time they are stolen remove one. Then when there are no more flags the gift is theirs.
Thanks, Tonya

Standard Holiday Gift Grab Game Decisions / Variations to change it up a bit.
Select Budget for gift: Up to $5, $10, $20, etc…
When to unwrap? Unwrap after gift selected from the pile or unwrap once everyone has a gift.
Number of gift grabs per turn? Limit to 2, 3 or more
Gift stealing – 3 times and it can no longer be taken or unlimited stealing

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