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Bachelorette Party Ideas - Spa, Stripper Pole, Scavenger Hunt, Comedy Night, Lingerie party, more
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Bachelorette Party Ideas!

In the last two decades Bachelorette Parties have grown in popularity and now have become part of the wedding tradition.

In the past women had bridal showers and men had bachelor parties; which represented their last night of freedom. The women wised up and started having bachelorette parties, but there is a noticeable difference. While a man’s bachelor party normally involves a stripper or a strip club, bachelorette parties tend to focus on being together and supporting one another.

Bachelorette party themes can range from Silly & Fun, Relaxation, Wild & Crazy or Chippendales type of event, but behind every event is the goal of a good time.

We have pulled together a variety of Bachelorette Party Ideas, so you can plan the perfect event for the bride to be. Best of all is you can combine ideas together so you can have a truly unique event.

Bachelorette Party

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Bachelorette Party Ideas & Themes

Spa & Relaxation Bachelorette Party

Girls day out, plan a relaxing day at a spa and have manicures, pedicures, facials, etc… Talk about guys, take Cosmo quizzes, or play any number of games. I Never, Drink If, Bride Trivia games…
Add wine and cheese and you are set.

Can’t afford to all go out, then bring the Spa to your house. Easy fun and relaxing.

Karaoke Night

Want an interesting night whether at home or out on the town, then consider Karaoke. Some of the best nights I can remember were on Karaoke night when all my friends sang together on stage, it was silly, embarrassing and above all it was fun.

Comedy Night

There are two options with this one, first head out to the local comedy club and catch a comedian or two game an Improv game and have your guests be the comedians. This can be a blast because no one knows what is coming and everyone can be themselves and just have fun.

To Do List – Bachelorette Party

Ladies put your heads together and come up with a List of 20 things for the Bride to Be to do that night. Offer wonderful prize or surprise if she gets them all down!

The To Do List can be something simple, odd or a challenge
Give a Dollar to a Stranger or Have a Stranger Give you a Dollar
To Get 20 Guys to Sign Your Shirt
To Find a guy with a Condom and have him give it up.

Based on the Bride this can be a safe or a wild list, just have fun.
Variation on this theme: Scavenger Hunt
Instead of a To Do list the Scavenger Hunt List is a list of items she must collect during the night.

Dare Bachelorette Party

This is similar to the To Do list but it is but involves Dare.

The bride can either Take a Dare or Take the Consequences.

Dare Ideas:
Give a guy a lap dance or Have a guy give a lap dance to the bride
Get a guy to put on red lipstick and give you a Kiss on the cheek
Get a hot guy to give up his boxers or briefs!

Do a shot
She must wear a penis tiara or some other crazy bachelorette attire
Come up with some other embarrassing ideas. 

Chippendales Night

This is where the ladies head to a male review, gay bar with strippers or hire a male stripper for entertainment.
For more on the male stripper topic review - Should I hire a Male Stripper?

A Male review can be fun because you can watch everything and be a safe distant from the action. If the bride is shy, she may not want another guys private parts to close to her.

Gay Bar with male strippers. Some gay bars are very open to bachelorette parties others find them to be an annoyance. However in many cases a few of the strippers are straight and they enjoy bachelorette parties. Plus the guys tend to dance on a stage or platform so there are a lot of things to look. In many cases this tends to be a nice safe atmosphere.

Male Stripper
Hired male strippers tend to be very sexual and get very close. There is no denying what they are packing and they wear very little.
Hire from a known company. We recommend that have your event at a public location (closed doors) so that if there is a reason to part ways it can be done in public.

Lingerie / Sex Toys Bachelorette Party

This bachelorette party is more like an adult slumber party and focuses on lingerie for the honeymoon, talking about sex, trade secrets and reviewing sex toys and or items that enhance sex.

Sometimes you can have sex toys representative come and do a presentation of what is popular a fun! And they do it for free!

Find items that just might make a bride blush!

Night on The Town

Plan for a fun and adventurous Night on the Town by going to all the best clubs in town in style. Hire a Limo, so no one has to drive and call ahead to all the clubs you plan to visit and see if you can get a group discount or skip the cover charge. Often many clubs will have VIP sections or rooms, so if you want a male stripper to perform he can!

Spice things up with various games you can play in the limo and in the bars.
Limo Games:
Hot Willy – Hot Potato Game
Bachelorette Trivia Game

Bachelorette Bar Games
Bachelorette Dares Game
Bachelorette Drinking Dice

Learn to Strip

This type of Bachelorette party has emerged over the last decade as more and more women figure that if he wants a show he is going to get one.

You’ll need a stripper pole or go to a dance studio or strip club and bring in a teacher to show you how to work and dance around the stripper pole. We found an easy to install stripper pole you can order online.

After everyone watches the lesson, put on some sexy dance music and give the stripper pole a shot.

This type of bachelorette party ties in will with the Lingerie / Sex Toy party.

Great Outdoor Adventure

Get out of the big city and go natural. Sometimes the best adventure is getting away from it all. Consider renting a cabin and going hiking, biking, canoeing or just hanging out underneath the stars.

This type of adventure my not be for everyone, but if your bride-to-be loves the outdoors this will be a trip to remember.

Fun & Games Night

Not old enough to drink or don’t want drunk guys hitting on you.

Well choose a place where you can go and get food and play fun carnival type games or go bowling, ice skating, mini-golf, go-kart racing or roller skating.

Silly yes, but also fun as everyone can play skeet ball, whack a mole and other games to earn tickets to get the a bride a memorable prize.

Find items that just might make a bride blush!
Bachelorette Gifts
Printable Bachelorette Party Games Bridal Showers are nice but once Grandma and Aunts go home it's time for Bachelorette Party Games!

60’s, 70’s or 80’s Night

Add a theme to your going out, by dressing in the style of the 60’s, 70’s or 80’s. By adding a theme you help create great photo ops and start the evening off with a laugh as you check out what everyone is wearing.

Bachelorette Luau Party

Stay in and have informative BBQ / Luau party. Add Tiki torches and island decorations to set the stage.

You can do limbo or a ukulele sing-a-long for entertainment. Add in bachelorette party games and other themes and you’ll have a great party.

Fortune Teller / Tarot Card Reading Bachelorette Party

Fortune telling and card readings can make a bachelorette party very interesting as each guest gets a reading. Plan in advance for this event and get someone you know or comes highly recommended, then work a deal.

We hope you have enjoyed these Bachelorette Ideas and Themes. If you have an idea for a Bachelorette Party Idea that we missed, tell us. Just Submit your Bachelorette Idea and we may add it here!

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